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Well hello there, my diminutive bird friend.

Dear diary,

I’m really getting sick of cleaning up birdshit from my desk at work.  Yeah, you read that right, there is birdshit on my desk… I work indoors, and there are those high, unfinished ceilings.  Birds get in here and they can’t figure out how to get out and since my desk is against a wall, they get all crazy and decide to expunge their bowels on my stuff.  Thankfully I haven’t had any on my keyboard, mouse, monitor or PC itself, but I have had a few splatters on my work phone.  I of course promptly scrape it off and eat it… ugh, that made me sick to my stomach to even joke about.  I have to disinfect my entire work space.  A few weeks ago I had something on my steno notepad, and I thought that someone got mustard or something on my book, but now I realize it was dried bird shit… fucking disgusting and utterly ridiculous at the same time.

I watched an awesome zombie tv show from the BBC called Dead Set last week.  It’s about a zombie outbreak that happens during a season of the Big Brother tv show in the UK, and the people inside have no idea it’s going on.  It’s 5 episodes long and it was awesome.  I really like the whole 10 episodes in a season and then it’s over attitude that the BBC takes with their shows.  There are a few shows that return for a couple seasons, but it’s a rarity that they have these shows like Cheers or something that go on for years that just meander around the whole point with filler.  I also watched Dead Snow this weekend which is the best Nazi zombie movie I’ve seen.  I was pretty impressed actually.  It’s a more ridiculous and over the top zombie movie (zombies are pretty over the top as it is, right?) that seems to borrow a lot from Evil Dead.

Everyone is out today going to some pep rally rah rah bullshit, so it’s pretty quiet here today, just the way I like it.



Friday it started snowing pretty hard, so I decided to stay home. I was going to go over Raz’s to watch a movie and probably play some left 4 dead or COD4 or something. Mother nature ruined those plans and I stayed home and DESTROYED all those that tried to stand in my way. I love playing versus, that’s probably the best mode in the game. The 8 player versus sessions are what I look forward to the most on my xbox these days. I like to think that I’m a good player, and a good zombie on the infected side. Not to brag, but I’ve been told I’m one of the top players out of the 12 or so rotating people that I’ve been playing with, but I’m sure if I went online outside my circle of 360 friends I’d get my ass handed to me.  Aaaanyhow, I played that a bit, and Frank played the first game and rage quit, then Raz joined us for the second game.  After that, I rejoined Frank to play COD4 online for a bit before heading to bed.

Saturday was just plain ridiculous and I didn’t end up leaving my house at all.  I used the snowblower on the driveway and sidewalk twice just to keep up.  I played a bit of 360, and started up on Assassin’s Creed.  Oh, I did leave to go get a coffee.

Sunday, I woke up and snowblew again, then we were going to go out and buy stuff so I could make chili.  Katie and i decided to go to Meijer cause they were having a sale, and everyone in the surrounding 50 mile radius must have decided to do the same.  There were lines throughout all the aisles in the front of the store to get to the checkout.  We split up and got in and out of there in about 1/2 an hour, which I was pretty impressed with.  Afterwards, we were going to check out La-z-boy to see if they reduced their prices again.  All the stores in the area are liquidating their stock, but the prices weren’t any lower than the last time we checked about 2 weeks ago.  Afterwards, I felt generous so I was going to help my father in law with his slingbox.  He hadn’t been able to use it in a few months, and when I got there the problem was… it was unplugged.  I figured that a lack of power was probably the reason he couldn’t use it, so while I was plugging it back in, Katie got a phone call.  It was her parents, and they got a new TV that I got to hook up.

By the time I was done building the stand and plugging everything in and hooking it up, we went out to dinner.  I ended up getting home at about 7:30… to late for chili.  I decided to make in the crockpot for today, so I had to prepare all the stuff and get it ready to go for this morning.

Now, I can’t stop thinking about this chili that’s waiting for me at home, and I’m starving.

Who threw up on the birthday cake?

I bought a medicine ball today.  Imagine the cashier’s surprise when she thought it was a basketball and tried to put it into the bag.

I found some split mittens that I think I want to get.  I think they’ll keep my hands warm, and they make me kind of feel like an alien.

There’s a new Dr. Doolittle movie, but it’s not Eddie Murphy, it’s a girl, and it’s on ABC family.  I’m sure it will be just as good as the other ones.  And by good, I mean diarrhea inducing bad.

I’ve been waiting until I lost 25 pounds to start saying I’ve lost 20.  My goal is to lose 10 more by the end of the year.  Soon I will be able to crush raving mobs of small children.  I’m preparing for the impending zombie apocalypse – hence my trip to Costco mentioned in my previous post.

Time to test out that medicine ball.

Recollecting Tuesday

Yesterday was cool. Jason and I went out to the Munny show at Lift and looked at the cool munnies that people did. There were a few that were really good, and one or two that were… bad. Bad enough that I feel like I could probably do a good job. Someone painted one of those big $200 munnies like a zombie, it was actually really well done, and another where the artist airbrushed it, and used applique. It was really cool and it was selling for $200. I guess the guy has a regular collector that will come in and buy up his custom work whenever he’s displaying it. They also told us about a couple of their other upcoming shows. I didn’t ask about the Kozik Redrum Dunny – I thought about it, but I don’t have the money to buy it right now anyhow. I did end up buying a plush hello kitty in a monkey suit, complete with banana, for Katie, and a Tokidoki Skelletrina figure to go with my Adios and Ciao Ciao.

Afterwards, we went to the Royal Oak Brewery and had dinner and a couple beers. Once we got back, I had to go home because I was about to fall asleep in the car. I ended up getting up at 5:30 this morning to go to the gym, so I knew I’d want to get enough sleep.

I did weights today, and I think I need to seriously update the amount on a few of the exercises I’m doing. I’m going to wait until my next session with my trainer before I make any drastic descisions. Maybe he’ll have some different things for me to try out. I find myself enjoying my cardio work a lot more than weights, even though I sweat my bag off doing cardio.

Another weekend.

This weekend was fairly uneventful. Friday, I saw Raz, and he and Jenny and I watched and reviewed Zombie Nosh, by Bill Hinzman. Bill Hinzman was the original zombie in the cemetery in “Night of the Living Dead”, and he played the main zombie in Zombie Nosh. Speaking of Zombie Nosh, that is the most ridiculous title for a zombie movie that I’ve ever heard. It was a pretty decent movie, all things considered. I have a lot of stuff to review coming up, and not a lot of time to do it. This is the time that I need more writers, and I do have a few offers.

Saturday, I helped Katie clean the office, and afterwards we went and saw “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”. That was a pretty good movie. I liked it more than Superbad. I still think the best movie to come out of that group of writers/directors/producers is the 40 year old virgin. That night we watched TV together, and I watched Conan the Barbarian on showtime around Midnight or so.

Sunday, Katie went to a wedding shower, so I stayed home and watched the best cheese action movie I’ve ever seen, “Hands of Steel”. While it’s not the most action packed or fast moving action movie I’ve seen, the ridiculousness of it all really made up for it’s shortcomings. Basically it’s about a cyborg in the future that’s programmed to kill an environmentalist leader, and has a change of heart at the last second and only punches him in the gut and ruptures his spleen. Then he runs away to a bar/inn in the desert and arm wrestles truck drivers. yeah…

I also started up a myspace page to try to promote my website. If you’re interested, hit me up at myspace.com/internalbleedingnet. I’m going to see if it leads to any additional traffic to my site. So far I haven’t seen a single hit, but these things take time, I’d guess.