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Spoilers in Modern Media

While I’m a big boxing fan, I think my interest has fallen off in the last few years. Lately, MMA has captured a lot more of my attention, and while I don’t normally get all the different Pay Per Views that are associated with MMA, I do end up catching the replays on tv or on the web or whatever.

That being said, when there is a big boxing event, I like to try to stay away from any news (which isn’t hard, since boxing gets little to no coverage on the typical sports networks) or any kinds of spoilers so that when I do finally get around to watching the fight, it’s a surprise to me. The latest “superfight” in boxing was just this past weekend, Floyd Mayweather vs. Juan Manuel Marquez, and I did my best to avoid it.  I didn’t look at my google reader account, I didn’t look at RSS feeds on my phone, I didn’t look at any social media sites where other friends might reveal the outcome… nothing.  I was planning on watching it Sunday afternoon sometime, but that didn’t pan out, so I just was able to snag it out of thin air and I decided to sit down and watch it today.

Unfortunately, all of my avoidance of spoilers and everything I did to shut myself off from finding out ANYTHING about the fight was rendered impotent by what happened in the first minute of the fight.  Floyd Mayweather was accompanied by the WWE wrestler Triple H.  I thought to myself, “Hmm, I forgot all about that guy, lets see what he’s been up to on wikipedia”, as I frequently read wiki entries about whatever comes to my mind.  Wouldn’t you know it, as soon as I start reading about Triple H during the pre-fight introductions, I get to a part in Triple H’s entry that tells me the outcome of the fight.  While I’m not going to spoil it for anyone else (which I’m fairly certain there’s probably only 1 person who may or may not read this entry that will give a shit about boxing), I have to wonder why something so insignificant as a guy walking down an aisle with a boxer would cause another person to put the outcome of the fight in their wikipedia article?

Lesson: In trying to avoid spoilers about anything that may be important to you, lock yourself in an isolation cell at a nearby prison until you’re ready to watch/read/play the media in question.

The Funky Wasteland

I have no idea where “The Funky Wasteland” came from, I thought I saw it somewhere, but I went back to where I was and it wasn’t there.  It’s one of those things where you are flying by some text and it’s almost as if these technically 3 words popped up and slapped your eyeballs.  Anyhow, that’s not what I was going to write about.

This weekend I am regretting getting totally wasted on bud lite around my in laws and being the only person to sing Karaoke on the dock to Mister Mister’s “Broken Wings”.   While I don’t regret the getting wasted, or the singing, I regret that I had to waste this incredible spectacle on the SQUARE assed people who were there to witness it, because it’s all I heard about while I stumbled up the stairs to pass out on the couch.  I’m sorry if you’re too chicken shit to express yourself to this beautiful hit of the 1980’s, but  in the words of the ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA… don’t bring me down, bruce (I know, now, thanks to Wikipedia that the lyrics are actually “Don’t bring me down, Gruß”, but seriously, don’t bring me down).

I also regret being laid out all day like an old man by the massive hangover that hasn’t seemed to go away yet.  I may also regret almost throwing my nephew off the boat several times.  While I barely remember it, I do remember that instead of actually holding onto him, I could have just as easily thrown him overboard and not thought twice about it as I grabbed for another beer.

I also was at one point taking pictures of things including myself with my phone (which I almost lost), and this one happened to be my favorite of the ones I was just reviewing.

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more cowbell.

I saw Christopher Walken on Friday.  He walked right by me.  I didn’t want to bother him while he was eating.  The other patrons of the bar I was at went off on the usual quoteathon that happens when you see celebrities, namely “MORE COWBELL!! HUUUUUUUURRR!”  I was just satisfied that he was in the same bar as I was.

That night I watched a documentary on Terry Gilliam’s attempt at making “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote” called “Lost in La Mancha“.  I enjoy Gilliam’s films, and it was interesting to watch a total disaster of a film being made.  In the end, the film doesn’t get made due to all the difficulties they came across during filming.

Saturday night we went out to dinner with my in-laws for Katie’s other sister, since she wasn’t able to attend Wednesday’s dinner.  Afterwards I went out to Dave’s and watched the hockey game, and had a few beers.

Sunday I saw “The Hangover” which I thought was actually really funny.  I had heard about it a few weeks earlier and that it was supposed to be good, but the trailers for the film started to make me doubt that.  With lowered expectations, it was really enjoyable, and even darker than I thought it would be.

Sometime during the weekend, I also watched a Godfrey Ho film called “US Catman: Lethal Track” which was another Godfrey Ho special where he basically mashes up two films that have nothing to do with each other.  Since one half of the film is usually in a foreign language, the actors are dubbed to fit whatever happens in the English half of the film.  Unfortunately, the Thai half of the film is godawful, but the English part is tolerable and funny in the unintentional way.

I’m trying to figure out when I can watch the Mike Tyson documentary that came out recently, and I also have a Luna documentary I want to get to.


I’ve noticed that these random musings of my daily life are becoming less frequently as of late.  Let me update myself on my life.

Katie recently got her cast off, and is actually walking around.  I started getting resentful being her chauffer for the last few weeks and not really getting any time to myself to do what I want to do.  Once I realized that’s a total dick thought, and this won’t last forever, I got over it.  Hopefully her recovery stays on track and she’ll be back to independence soon.  Today was the first day that she’s been able to drive herself to work, so I’m sure the end is in sight.

This weekend, we went and saw Terminator: Salvation, and I yelled at some 14  year olds because they wouldn’t shut their damned mouths.  Needless to say, I felt like quite the tough guy!  I don’t think it wouldn’t have bothered me so much if I hadn’t just paid almost $40 on movie tickets and popcorns just to have some bratty assed kids dropped off at the movies by mommy and daddy so that they could get some space from their anal spawn.  If your kid can’t shut up, don’t let the movie theater be their baby sitter, please.

I also bought a grill and put it together on Saturday.  I celebrated by drinking myself stupid on Sierra Nevada summer fest lagers, which were delicious (as far as lagers go).  Sunday I grilled at my parents house where James proceded to eat almost everything off the table including about 5 hotdogs and 3 hamburgers which he stuffed into his face at once.  I’m surprised his face doesn’t have it’s own gravitational field once he opens up his mouth.  I also don’t understand how he stays reasonably thin when he eats like a professional football team.

Monday was spent over Katie’s sister’s house where more beers were drunk, in this case Magic Hat Wacko.

Also, in the last week my power supply on my pc shit the bed.  Unfortunately, when I pulled it off, I didn’t realize that the cables ran under my heat sink so that meant more money for thermal paste that the store forgot to send me (or so I thought).  I went to radio shack and got thermal paste and days later after I had everything working again I realized that they taped the thermal paste to the bottom of the power supply box.  Because I never set the box on a solid surface, instead put it either on carpet or on my little futon thing, I never realized it was there.  Now I have two tubes of thermal paste and nothing to use it on.  So.. I think I’m going to save up money to build a new pc.  Hooray.

Work is where the hate is

I haven’t had much time recently, and while I still don’t have much time now, I figured I should update so I can look back on this date and see that I was still a live.

My birthday passed 11 days ago, thanks to those who wished well wishes. I’m now officially a year older.  I think I’m in a better place health wise than last year and that feels pretty good.  Not too much else has changed that I can think of besides that.

I went out bowling for a few games with my mom and dad and Frank, and I think I had a 600 series… maybe. If not, I know it was at least a 580 series, which I think is actually my best series ever.  Not too shabby for not bowling in about 2 years.  Afterwards I went to dinner with my parents, my sister and her husband, and Katie.  We had ice cream and cake and then Dave came over and we watched the Hatton vs. Pacquaio fight.  While I’m a huge Ricky Hatton fan, I also like Manny Pacquaio quite a bit too so either fighter winning would have been fine with me, but I was not surprised by the outcome.

I took last week off, and I usually don’t update when I’m on vacation for some reason or another.  Mostly I took the week off because I like to have the week either before or after my birthday off, but also because Wednesday Katie had foot surgery and I knew that my help would be needed since she wouldn’t be able to do much on her own besides hobble around on crutches.  That occupied my time for the rest of the week/weekend.  I don’t think we left the house more than 3 times between Wednesday and Saturday, and that was probably just to go get coffee or pick up a pizza or something and just to get out of the house for a few minutes.

Katie is a stubborn as a mule though.  She wanted to go out shopping or whatever like the day after her surgery.  I may spend money irresponsibly or whatever, but she just likes to shop.  She won’t even necessarily buy anything, but she enjoys the aspect of looking at every single item in the store.  When I shop for something, I have a clear idea of what I’m looking for and I don’t like to float around, browsing.  I go right for what I want and if they don’t have it, I leave.  She can turn a 10 minute shopping experience into hours, and that has got to be some kind of black magic shit right there.

Other than that, I used some of my birthday funds and some money I had been saving and bought a PS3.  It came with Motorstorm and Resistance: Fall of Man, which I haven’t opened and I bought Killzone 2.  In addition to that, I bought a game from their online store called Pixel Junk: Eden, which is really an awesome game.  I spent quite a few hours just swinging around and enjoying myself.  I’ll include a little boring clip of the game at the end of this post if the 2 other people that read this are interested in checking it out.

When I got back to work, I had a mess of stuff that needed attention and only just recently did I get caught up (and by recently, I mean like minutes ago).  It only took me about 3 and 1/2 hours to say to myself “These people are fucking idiots”, so I’m pretty proud of that… I knew I was back in my favorite place!

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Parking lot wasteland

I let Raz give me a haircut on Friday.  I bought some new clippers and saw some videos on Youtube, so I figured I was a good instructor, and he could give me a sweet fade.  It took about 40 minutes, but he didn’t do a bad job, and only left a few longer patches.  I ended up going to get myself a look (wow, Check it out!) on Saturday morning just to clean it up a little bit.  I’m so anal about my hair even though I wear a hat 80% of the time.  I need to get out of the wearing a hat rut again, so I need to will myself out of this hat.  I also want to get back to the guy that used to cut my hair a while back because it always seemed like he did a really good job.

Saturday was spent shopping with Katie.  It was tiring.  We left the house at about 11 and we got home eventually around 9 or so and ended up catching up on some TV shows that we’ve been neglecting.  I got a couple bottle openers out of the shopping deal, and a few pilsner glasses to enjoy assorted beers in.  She picked up clothes for her vacation she’s going on in a few days.  I almost scored myself a mouth harp, but I decided I’d probably fuck around with it for an hour or two  and then totally forget about it.  It was only 8 dollars, and I”m regretting not buying it, but I’m sure it will present itself again.

Sunday, we lazed around for a while and went to see “Observe and Report”.  It was bad.  I think there was a single audible guffaw throughout the entire movie.  The jokes were flat, and the characters weren’t funny at all.  There was an extended scene where two characters just say “fuck you” back and forth for about 3 or 4 minutes.  Comedy gold, right there.  After that we went to Sam’s club and I scored a case of Bell’s Oberon, and we went over to Katie’s sister’s for dinner where I polished off 4 or 5 beers.

I’ve been getting the itch to work on music again, which happens about once a year and I end up maybe completing 1 song and then my mind moves on to something else that I get the itch to work on.  If I could focus my brain on one productive activity, I’d be a star!

Also, lost a writer for my site 🙁

Well hello there, my diminutive bird friend.

Dear diary,

I’m really getting sick of cleaning up birdshit from my desk at work.  Yeah, you read that right, there is birdshit on my desk… I work indoors, and there are those high, unfinished ceilings.  Birds get in here and they can’t figure out how to get out and since my desk is against a wall, they get all crazy and decide to expunge their bowels on my stuff.  Thankfully I haven’t had any on my keyboard, mouse, monitor or PC itself, but I have had a few splatters on my work phone.  I of course promptly scrape it off and eat it… ugh, that made me sick to my stomach to even joke about.  I have to disinfect my entire work space.  A few weeks ago I had something on my steno notepad, and I thought that someone got mustard or something on my book, but now I realize it was dried bird shit… fucking disgusting and utterly ridiculous at the same time.

I watched an awesome zombie tv show from the BBC called Dead Set last week.  It’s about a zombie outbreak that happens during a season of the Big Brother tv show in the UK, and the people inside have no idea it’s going on.  It’s 5 episodes long and it was awesome.  I really like the whole 10 episodes in a season and then it’s over attitude that the BBC takes with their shows.  There are a few shows that return for a couple seasons, but it’s a rarity that they have these shows like Cheers or something that go on for years that just meander around the whole point with filler.  I also watched Dead Snow this weekend which is the best Nazi zombie movie I’ve seen.  I was pretty impressed actually.  It’s a more ridiculous and over the top zombie movie (zombies are pretty over the top as it is, right?) that seems to borrow a lot from Evil Dead.

Everyone is out today going to some pep rally rah rah bullshit, so it’s pretty quiet here today, just the way I like it.

what’s happening.

someone got added to my shitlist today

first off, they came up to my desk and got right up in my personal fucking space. I don’t know why they didn’t just stick their tongue in my ear when they were talking to me. Then they asked the ubiquitous “Are you busy”, I playfully answered “Always” and they said totally straightfaced “No you’re not.”

Sorry, you don’t even know me. You don’t know who I am, you don’t know what I do, and you’ve never talked to me. Just because you’re some lifelong prole at this company and you hate your job, don’t come over to me and tell me you know what I’m doing, regardless if I’m joking or not. Maybe if they would have at least had said it differently it might not have set something off in my head, but when you say shit and you’re not joking, you can eat some shit.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I’ve been missing. I got sick last week and I missed some days from work and I’m leaving Thursday again for the weekend.

This past weekend, I saw Watchmen on Friday, which I thought was absolutely awesome. I enjoyed it a lot more than “The Dark Knight” – mostly because TDK was 2 1/2 hours long and it just felt like it kept dragging on and on. Watchmen was actually longer, but because I knew the source material, I could roughly gauge where it was in the film, but I wasn’t bored at all. I also saw Slumdog Millionaire on Sunday, and that was also excellent. It wasn’t what I was expecting but I really enjoyed the way the story was told. Danny Boyle continues to do awesome work and he totally deserved his accolades.

I wish I had more original thought to share but I’m lost.

Step into the light, until we meet again.

It’s been a busy week.  I’ve been pretty busy most of the day each day.  I haven’t gotten much of a chance to do much besides work of some sort, but Sunday I was able to see the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Awesome tour 2009.  I had never been to the Royal Oak Music Theater, and it was a pretty good show.  They came out and did skits, and showed clips of the new season that starts on February 8th or 9th.  In between skits and clips, James Quall, David Liebe Hart and Jason (Salame!) performed.  It was a pretty good show, and a fun night out.

Monday through today has been work.  I’m looking forward to the weekend, and I’m taking Monday off as a mental health day.  Plus I think I’m going to use the Super Bowl as an excuse to get totally wasted and make an ass of myself playing rockband.

I want to find a car charger that I can hook up to a microUSB port that I can connect my Blackberry to that will also output the audio.  I don’t think I’m going to find that.

I have enjoyed one thing this week, and that’s Lost.  So far I think this season has been great, and even if they aren’t answering a lot of questions, I feel like I’m finding out more.  It’s a weird feeling to follow a show for 4 seasons and not really know what the hell is going on, and then finally getting some answers in the 5th season – or at least seeing how the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall into place.

get home, get down

I’ve been feeling pretty crappy after I’ve been working out lately.  I’m trying to remain vigilant, but it’s hard when it’s dark outside when you get up in the morning, but I need to stay focused.  I have a goal that I want to reach by the end of the year, and I’ll feel disappointed if I don’t make it.

This weekend was pretty decent.  Friday Raz came over and we watched “Silent Night, Deadly Night” of which there are 4 sequels, which I plan on watching before the 25th.  We didn’t do much beside that and then watched some Tim and Eric stuff.

On Saturday, Jason and I went out to Lift and I bought a Frank Kozik 8″ Redrum Dunny, much like this one, which Kent, the owner, had one left over from when they originally went on sale in 2006.  It’s in mint condition, so I’m pretty happy about that.  Afterwards, we went to the Royal Oak Brewery and had a few drinks, with Erik meeting us there.  After that we went back to Lift for their winter munny show that I mentioned in my last post (I still need to get pictures off of my camera).  Erik picked up a Triston Eaton lift exclusive Mad*l citizen, which I believe is his first vinyl purchase, besides a DIY munny he bought a while back.  Anyhow, after the show, Jason and I were joined by Dave at my house to watch Oscar De La Hoya predictably get his ass beat by Manny Pacquiao.  I so should have put money on that fight…

Sunday, Katie and I went to a rememberance service (I’m not sure exactly what it’s called) with her family at Holy Cross church in Detroit.  Of the limited times I’ve been to Catholic service, this one was pretty fascinating as it was 95% in Hungarian.  Afterwards, we went to a Hungarian restuarant and had lunch, which was friggin awesome.  I can’t believe I’ve disliked stuffed cabbage for so long, it was great.  After that, I vegged out and played games and shit and went to the gym.

Monday was back to work, and so the saga continues.

I just want to ride my bike like one of those guys in the video.

I lived for another week.  I’m currently procrastinating something I need to do at work so this will be my outlet.

Saturday I saw babies, and went to Birch Run to look at getting some deals on some clothes because I need new ones.  It was a wash.  The weirdest clientele and place i went was Pepperidge Farms.  Everyone in that store was just weird.  They were old and broken down each with a large bag of goldfish crackers and day old bread.  There was a man-mountain cutting a deep ridge through the floor like a glacier carving it’s place through the earth whilst looking for godiva chocolates and old sickly women coughing their cancers all over the place.  Yah.

Sunday, I was bored so I went to the gymnasium to work out.  When I got home, I had to get ready to go meet my parents and my sister at fishbones for my dad’s birthday dinner thing.  His birthday was actually Friday, but Sunday worked out best for us all to get together.  I had sushi, it was ok.  Afterwards we went and picked up cake from the astoria pastry people and went back to my parents house to chill out for a while.

Today I went out to lunch with my boss to Jimmy Johns and while we were about to walk in, this old lady was holding her keys out and she said “I can’t remember where I parked”.  This should have been the queue for us to hurriedly walk into JJ’s, but we decided to help her find her car.  The parking lot is only one single side of parking, so if you forgot where you parked, you’re probably not doing so hot in the brains department.  She said she was driving a black Audi, but she didn’t know where her car was, so I walked to one side of the little strip mall and my boss walked to the other.  I saw a silver Audi, but she insisted that wasn’t her car.  She said she had an appointment, and we asked her when it was.  “10 o’clock”… it was 1pm, soo… she was probably going to be late, unless she meant 10pm and she wanted to be early.  When we asked if she could call anyone to help her, she said “I could, but they wouldn’t know my name”.  We began to wonder if she knew her own name.  We walked around the building and didn’t see her car, and when we came to the front, she was wandering away.  We decided to follow her to help her out and then she just disappeared.  When we caught up to her, she was driving out and waved to us in her GREY NISSAN.  Did I mention it was about 35 degrees FAHRENHEIT outside?  Needless to say when she drove by she flipped us the bird… no, not really, but that would have been fitting.  At one point she said “I knew I was old, but I didn’t think I was that old…” I wouldn’t be surprised if we heard that an old woman drove through the front of a 7-11 or something.

They don’t call it the windy city for nothing!

The Kidrobot pirate store opened in Chicago on October 3rd for a Huck Gee dunny signing of his “Hello I’m Insane” 8″ dunny. I didn’t make it out for that, but I was able to get out there on the 4th for their proper grand opening.

Friday Katie and I saw the new Simon Pegg film “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People”, which I thought was pretty good. After that, we got our stuff ready and went out to Grand Rapids to see Katie’s sister and the triplets. We hung out that night and I was falling out pretty early so I went to bed in preparation for my 3 hour drive ahead.

Saturday, we woke up early and ended up leaving around 9:30 or so, and drove into Chicago. We had to fight a little traffic, but made it to the Kidrobot store at around 11:30 or so, and took a look around. I don’t know what I was expecting, but the store was a little underwhelming. It was basically a few tables in the middle of the smallish space, and some plywood walls with aluminum foil on them. They really didn’t have that much stuff in the store but we ended up getting a mousepad and Katie got a couple Tokidoki Cactus friends blind box dudes. Other than that I talked to a dude that was working the night before and said they had about 200 people in line for 100 signed Huck Gee dunnies. Like I said, I don’t know what I was expecting. I was really disappointed that they didn’t have any stickers at all, when I’ve emailed them they tell me they can’t send me stickers, I have to come into their store, and when I get there they say “Well, we just opened, we don’t have any stickers yet”… uhh, ok.

After that, we went to Rotofugi, which was a really cool store. They have just about everything on display so you know what you’re getting. I ended up getting a Black Murder Dr. Bomb, which is limited to 100 pieces. I also picked up a few series 4 and 5 dunnies, and a couple fatcaps. I’ll take some pictures of what I got when I get home, since I haven’t found too many pictures of that particular Dr. Bomb.

We were done with all my shopping early, so we ended up going to michigan ave, so Katie could buy our neice a doll from the American Girl store. If I’ve never mentioned it before, dolls creep me out. Not so much when they’re in a normally lit room, but in the dark I’m out the door. We walked around a bit and ate before we ended up starting our drive home at about 5pm or 6. We got home at I think 10:30 or 11:30 and we went to bed pretty quick.

Sunday was spent slacking off. I went to Dave’s to watch football, wee!

I took my camera and I think I got like 5 pictures, one of which was a Lamborghini outside of a bentley dealership on rush street, and 2 or 3 were of the road on the drive home.


Imagine a Karaoke Machine

I have work to do, but I’m just gonna write this instead.

Friday, Raz came over, fell asleep on my couch while watching Tim and Eric, awesome show, great job. We did attempt to watch Return of the Living Dead, and we were successful in that. If you set small goals, they’re easier to attain. He ended up leaving around 11:30 and I was lame and went to bed by midnight. How fucking boring. I’m 31 years old and I go to bed on the weekends by midnight. I get up at 6 sometimes, but still.

On Saturday, I got up at like 9 or someshit, and Katie went out to my inlaws cottage to help them with some golf bullshit, so I stayed home and hooked my 360 back up and played a deathmatch on GTA (FINISHED 2nd, WOO!) and a couple games of Madden, and looked at some other shit, all in preparation for getting my game on SATURDAY NIGHT over RAZ’S HOUSE for a ROCKBAND 2 PARTY! I drank for the first time in like… 3 weeks or something, and ate some chips and drank a bunch of 5 o’clock vodka out of the plastic bottle. I tried to make Raz go drink for drink with me on the shots, but he doesn’t drink often and he only had like 3 sips while I drank a bulk of it and was feeling it. I ended up singing with two other people on some song that I don’t remember and duet with some chick on Psycho Killer by the Talking Heads. She let me sing the high parts, and I was probably awesome. There were a bunch of people I’ll probably never recognize again because I was inebriated. I don’t think I got home until about 3 or so.

Sunday I was awoken at 8am by my nephew, so I said hi and stuff, and Katie covered for me telling him “Uncle Sean has a tummy ache so he’s going to go back to bed” , what an angel… She left to take him to the cottage, and I stayed in bed and recovered. I woke up around 10 and sat on the couch the rest of the day.

I had Monday off, and I watched a couple movies, one documentary called Heavy Load about a punk band in the UK made up of some learning disabled people and some non disabled people. I only caught the last hour or so, but it was pretty interesting. I also watched The Barbarians with David and Peter Paul, also known as the Barbarian brothers… great job!

That night I had my final session with my trainer. I felt like it went kind of crappy, and I didn’t go into my training with the right attitude. I sweat my ass off though, and I felt like I had a good workout at the end. He was really cool, and told me if I had any questions to let him know, and to keep checking back with him, and he’ll help me modify my workout and stuff. I feel like in the 7 weeks we worked together, while I haven’t lost a lot of weight, I’ve lost inches and gained a lot of self confidence. I’ve put on a bunch of muscle and now I’m starting to lose weight a little quicker, which I have to obviously contribute to the muscle gain, the change in my diet, and the increase in my metabolism. I’m also eating the 5 – 6 small meals a day, so that’s helping too.

Today, back to the grind of work. 4 days can’t pass fast enough.


I’m fucking bushed.

These last two days have been work.  We’ve had these nasty scrubby cedar bushes on the back side of our house since we moved in and we hated them.  We trimmed them last year but it never filled in, so we decided to just cut them out.  We also spent some time trimming up a couple pine trees in our front yard so that we can actually see the street from our front window.

When we were finished, we had about a 6 foot tall pile that was about 10 feet across.  After going through 40 lawn bags (which are all on the front curb)  we got that down to about a 3ft x 5ft pile.  We have a dude coming out to our house tomorrow for an estimate on how much it would be to dispose of the rest of it.  I’ll be relieved when the whole thing is finished.  If Jason and my dad didn’t come over, that pile would still be huge.

Last night we both went to bed by 11pm and today I think I’ll be lucky to make it that late.

I tried to watch American Ninja for the site, but I couldn’t stay awake long enough to finish it.  No movie of the week this week I guess.  I’ll have to try and watch it tomorrow, because I think I’m going to be staying home from work.  I also pretty much ruined my hat, so I have to get a new one, but I’m not too sad about that.  The only problem is that it’s going to take a while to break it in.


I haven’t done an update from my weekend in a while, so I’ll take this opportunity to do so.  I took Friday and Tuesday off of work so with those days plus the holiday I was able to get 5 days off, woot.

I had my first fantasy football draft thursday night, and I I guess I did ok.  I’m kinda second guessing my picks but I guess we’ll see what happens as the year goes on.  I got home at a decent hour, but ended up staying late and sleeping in on Friday.  We got our bathtub liner installed so we got on this home improvement kick going, and we ended up buying a bunch of crap from Home Depot, light fixtures, paint, a lock for our front door and a few other things I’m sure.  I neded up installing a couple fixtures on Friday night and stayed up late again.

Saturday we went out to the cottage and I was drunk by 3pm or so on shitty beer.  I don’t really remember much from the day besides sweating on the couch falling asleep.  It wasn’t my finest moment, and I ended up talking about work which I never do when I’m not at work.  I guess I was wasted so I had a bit of an excuse.

Sunday I painted the ceiling in our bathroom and afterwards we went and had dinner at my parents house.  I cooked out on the grill, and we didn’t end up playing any uno, so that was a little disappointing.

Monday I did some shit that I can’t remember during the day and that night I had my other fantasy football draft.  I feel like I have a better team than my team I drafted on Thursday.  Again, I’ll have to see how that goes.  Tuesday I ended up just chilling out by myself, and today I went back to work, yay!  I kind of wish I would have taken the rest of the week off, but I guess I can do something constructive and save my vacation time.

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