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Hello, is it me you’re looking for?


I’m going to open this entry with one of the most cliched opening lines to any online blog or journal entry. “It’s been a while since I updated this thing”, but indeed it has. I’ve posted random videos and some drivel about how I’m uninspired by life in general, but I thought I’d take some time to update this space because I actually like to go back and read my old entries and laugh at myself because I’m probably the only one that thinks that I’m funny. I’m going to just hit plan on my ipod and let the funk flow while I write down some thoughts.

Oddly enough, the first song that comes up on my ipod when I just hit play is “Aquarius” by The Nat Adderley Sextet, and it goes a little something like this:

Anyhow, lately I’ve been really reading a lot about brewing beer.  I’ve been drinking beer a lot too, but I’ve been reading just about anything I can get my hands on about brewing beer and last Sunday I brewed my first beer – a honey nut brown ale.  I’ll tell you what, a lot of people say that the waiting is the hardest part about brewing beer.  Let me tell you, truthier shit has never been said.  This has been a test in patience.  I can’t wait to have some of that shit to see if it’s turned out to be straight spaghetti salad garbage juice, heaven in a bottle or somewhere in between.  I’m hoping its either somewhere in between or heaven in a bottle.

So since this is my little pet project, I’m stressing out about it.  Is it the right temperature? Is it fermenting enough?  Did I do enough of this?  Did I blah blah blah.  I have to go against that worrying instinct that I have and just learn to leave it alone – which I’m doing thankyouverymuch.  I have my fermenter sitting in my downstairs bathroom in the shower and I have towels wrapped around it, and I have the door closed so it keeps some heat in there since if you didn’t know, I live in the arctic circle (we usually keep the house at 60 degrees).  Katie likes to joke about how I baby the wort (beer before it’s beer for you common hillfolk), but hey… I’ve spent a lot of money on this shit, it better be good!  Why ruin it by keeping it too hot or too cold?  Yeah…

Work has been busy.  That’s really the main reason that I haven’t updated much.  I usually do it when I’m bored at work, but now I’m not bored because I’m always busy doing something or the other.  This week, however, has been a slow one, and I’m appreciating that like never before. When it’s not busy I like it the first day or so but then I feel like I’m forgetting to do something, then when it is busy, I don’t like being busy, but I like that the days go by faster.

also, this:

VHS Boxes – A lost artform (The Good)

I’ve got a growing obsession with bad films.  As I’ve mentioned in the past, my other site is a review site of these bad films, and I thought I’d get a little into the origin story of this obsession.

When I was younger, probably about 7 or 8, my family got our first VHS player and there was a local video store that was owned by our mailman that we got a lifetime membership to.  The membership cost $20 and you got 10 free rentals with the membership.  When you went to the store, they had all the vhs boxes out on the shelves with a number on the side of them and when you took the box to the counter they’d get the tape down from a shelf behind and give you the video.

I used to go to the store with my sister all the time and rent movies there.  The one movie that sticks out in my mind that we rented from that store was “The Terminator”.  I remember we rented that movie at least 5 or 6 times and we watched it over and over again.  My sister was usually the one that rented movies, and while my parents weren’t usually too keen on letting us see R rated movies in the theater, oddly they didn’t mind if we rented them and watched them at home.  She was much more into action/adventure films, but horror movies always had the coolest covers, and those are usually the ones I remember the most.  My friend Chris that lived down the street was the one that usually told me about the horror movies because he and his brothers would rent just about anything they could get their hands on.  Now that I’m an adult, and I have the resources to find just about any movie I want, I go back a lot of the time and I get movies that I remember the covers for.  That’s probably also the main reason why most of the movies I write about are movies from the mid 70’s to late 90’s.

The VHS box cover is really a lost art.  Sometimes they’re highly detailed artwork, and sometimes they’re crudely drawn sketches.  They can range from scenes from the movies to shots where the stars heads are superimposed on better bodies, and most of the time they had nothing to do with what the movie was about.  DVD’s really never moved into the territory that VHS artwork had because VHS tapes were cranked out for any garbage movie and a lot of them are never going to see a DVD release.  If they do, there’s probably going to enough work involved in transferring it that they’re going to put some work into remaking a cover too.  Sadly, As we move into the digital age, I think a lot of this artwork is going to disappear altogether.

I also find it ironic that the more I upgrade my tv’s and start streaming content over my home network, the more I find myself watching stuff that’s been ripped from VHS – because that’s the only place that you can find these films

Below the cut are some of the good ones I’ve seen, or I still want to see:

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Parking lot wasteland

I let Raz give me a haircut on Friday.  I bought some new clippers and saw some videos on Youtube, so I figured I was a good instructor, and he could give me a sweet fade.  It took about 40 minutes, but he didn’t do a bad job, and only left a few longer patches.  I ended up going to get myself a look (wow, Check it out!) on Saturday morning just to clean it up a little bit.  I’m so anal about my hair even though I wear a hat 80% of the time.  I need to get out of the wearing a hat rut again, so I need to will myself out of this hat.  I also want to get back to the guy that used to cut my hair a while back because it always seemed like he did a really good job.

Saturday was spent shopping with Katie.  It was tiring.  We left the house at about 11 and we got home eventually around 9 or so and ended up catching up on some TV shows that we’ve been neglecting.  I got a couple bottle openers out of the shopping deal, and a few pilsner glasses to enjoy assorted beers in.  She picked up clothes for her vacation she’s going on in a few days.  I almost scored myself a mouth harp, but I decided I’d probably fuck around with it for an hour or two  and then totally forget about it.  It was only 8 dollars, and I”m regretting not buying it, but I’m sure it will present itself again.

Sunday, we lazed around for a while and went to see “Observe and Report”.  It was bad.  I think there was a single audible guffaw throughout the entire movie.  The jokes were flat, and the characters weren’t funny at all.  There was an extended scene where two characters just say “fuck you” back and forth for about 3 or 4 minutes.  Comedy gold, right there.  After that we went to Sam’s club and I scored a case of Bell’s Oberon, and we went over to Katie’s sister’s for dinner where I polished off 4 or 5 beers.

I’ve been getting the itch to work on music again, which happens about once a year and I end up maybe completing 1 song and then my mind moves on to something else that I get the itch to work on.  If I could focus my brain on one productive activity, I’d be a star!

Also, lost a writer for my site 🙁


{Brought to you by your old pal, the Ghost}
I think I would totally crap my pants if I was just walking around the city and a giant beachball started to fall on me, but it’s super cool too. I wonder how much this thing weighs…

tube of you.

I have to say, I’m glad I started posting ridiculously cheesy videos onto youtube because I’m totally reaping the rewards. After having some videos on for a few months, I’m starting to get comments on a somewhat regular basis, and while most of them don’t make any sense, some of them can be particularly amusing. I also enjoy seeing where these videos have been getting linked from. I haven’t been brave enough, however to film myself and post anything, thankfully.

Anyhow, I watched Football all yesterday and didn’t drink at all. I usually don’t drink like a case or anything by myself, but I went over Tim’s and I didn’t drink a single alcoholic beverage. Usually if I go out, I drink. I didn’t do that yesterday so I feel accomplished.

On the other hand, I’ve been going to the gym less, so I feel defeated, but I’m recommitting myself this week. I don’t enjoy weights much, but I do enjoy cardio. I’m switching my schedule to do more weights now and less cardio. I want to find a mix that I can drink after a workout that contains enough carbs and protein so that I don’t have to always rush home and eat after I’m done.

Saturday, I spent time putting a new handle on my storm door, now I have to put on the lock. I need longer screws though because the ones that came in the package weren’t long enough to attach the lock. We also finished painting our bathroom upstairs. We’ve been showering in our other bathroom, and the water pressure is so high it feels like it’s going to knock my face off of my head. I just started getting used to it, and now we’re going to go back to the low water pressure world of upstairs, and it’s going to feel too weak. Whatever.

Friday night, Raz came over and we watched She-Wolves of the wasteland, which was horrible. Then we played Castle Crashers on XBLA which is probably my favorite live game so far. I can say it’s gotta be one of the games I’ve played the most of so far. I’ve also been splitting gaming time between Spore, the Warhammer Online Beta and Madden 09 (which I need to play more). Lots of games are coming up this holiday season that I’m interested in. I enjoy all these games coming out, but I don’t enjoy that they all come out at the same time and I don’t have time to really commit to them 🙁

That’s odd, he seems to be getting stronger as he melts!

I got a spam comment about christian music ringtones.  Yeah.  I’m sure there are several things about this collection of thoughts that just scream out “THIS GUY LOVES CHRISTIAN MUSIC!  GOLLY GEE HECK, I’M SURE HE’S A GOOD CHRISTIAN MAN!” die

I have several things to write about, but I don’t know if I’ll write them all down just now.

I primarily stopped by to convey this special moment that happened today.

I was watching “the incredible melting man” and at the beginning, they have the MGM logo with the lion in the little circle on the screen.  Coal, my cat, was laying in the sun, as she is wont to do, right in front of the television.  As the lion roars feriociously, Coal, being the brave killer cat that she is, jumps no less than a foot in the air, lands, runs about 2 tiny kitty steps, and pulls a 180 to look glaringly at the television set.  It really was a scene out of America’s funniest home videos.  If I had a video camera, I could have gotten some money, because I had the funny.  Hells yeah.

DFA1979 on Conan

This is a bit old, but still good. I hadn’t seen this, even though it happened in 2006. Kickass nonetheless. (Don’t know if this will show up on LJ, sorry – audio always seems to work halfway decent… Visit my site instead if you want to see it.)

{Death From Above 1979 playing on Late Night with Conan O’Brien}

Holy shit it worked… genius