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Work is where the hate is

I haven’t had much time recently, and while I still don’t have much time now, I figured I should update so I can look back on this date and see that I was still a live.

My birthday passed 11 days ago, thanks to those who wished well wishes. I’m now officially a year older.  I think I’m in a better place health wise than last year and that feels pretty good.  Not too much else has changed that I can think of besides that.

I went out bowling for a few games with my mom and dad and Frank, and I think I had a 600 series… maybe. If not, I know it was at least a 580 series, which I think is actually my best series ever.  Not too shabby for not bowling in about 2 years.  Afterwards I went to dinner with my parents, my sister and her husband, and Katie.  We had ice cream and cake and then Dave came over and we watched the Hatton vs. Pacquaio fight.  While I’m a huge Ricky Hatton fan, I also like Manny Pacquaio quite a bit too so either fighter winning would have been fine with me, but I was not surprised by the outcome.

I took last week off, and I usually don’t update when I’m on vacation for some reason or another.  Mostly I took the week off because I like to have the week either before or after my birthday off, but also because Wednesday Katie had foot surgery and I knew that my help would be needed since she wouldn’t be able to do much on her own besides hobble around on crutches.  That occupied my time for the rest of the week/weekend.  I don’t think we left the house more than 3 times between Wednesday and Saturday, and that was probably just to go get coffee or pick up a pizza or something and just to get out of the house for a few minutes.

Katie is a stubborn as a mule though.  She wanted to go out shopping or whatever like the day after her surgery.  I may spend money irresponsibly or whatever, but she just likes to shop.  She won’t even necessarily buy anything, but she enjoys the aspect of looking at every single item in the store.  When I shop for something, I have a clear idea of what I’m looking for and I don’t like to float around, browsing.  I go right for what I want and if they don’t have it, I leave.  She can turn a 10 minute shopping experience into hours, and that has got to be some kind of black magic shit right there.

Other than that, I used some of my birthday funds and some money I had been saving and bought a PS3.  It came with Motorstorm and Resistance: Fall of Man, which I haven’t opened and I bought Killzone 2.  In addition to that, I bought a game from their online store called Pixel Junk: Eden, which is really an awesome game.  I spent quite a few hours just swinging around and enjoying myself.  I’ll include a little boring clip of the game at the end of this post if the 2 other people that read this are interested in checking it out.

When I got back to work, I had a mess of stuff that needed attention and only just recently did I get caught up (and by recently, I mean like minutes ago).  It only took me about 3 and 1/2 hours to say to myself “These people are fucking idiots”, so I’m pretty proud of that… I knew I was back in my favorite place!

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I return to cookies on my desk that I can’t eat.

Well, it’s over… My vacation that is.  I thought I might visit this space a little more than I did, but I never got around to it.  The last week and a half went by pretty quickly, and now I’m back at this place.

Christmas was relatively enjoyable.  We had my parents over for dinner on Christmas Eve and had a great dinner.  Afterwards we watched the Dark Knight, which I’ve now watched twice.  While I like the movie and think it’s a good movie, it always feels too long.  I had a couple more 2 hour movie experiences, but I’ll get to those later in this entry, I think.

Christmas we made the trek between my parents house and my in-laws house.  I got decent gifts, most notably a Rice Cooker, a new pair of shoes to wear to the gym, and a cool pac-man hoodie.  It seemed like I got less stuff than usual, which I don’t mind at all.  I’ve found it’s true that as you get older, the gifts don’t really matter as much.  Throughout that week, we had about 4 parties to go to, and I’m happy to say I haven’t gained a pound, even though I neglected the gym during that time.  I also sold my Wii, and I have 4 games of value left, including Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Zelda – Twighlight Princess and Super Paper Mario, so if you know anyone who’s interested, I’ll sell all those games for $100 (or I’ll sell them individually, inquire for details).

I don’t remember at this point, but I know I got drunk at a few of the above mentioned parties.  One night I remember was spent downing Molson Ice, which gave me a wicked headache hours later.

A lot of time was spent playing my 360.  I rarely left the house except to hang out with Jason on one of the days and Frank on another day.  I see a few noteworthy movies, Valkyrie and Marly & Me, which were both over two hours, but didn’t feel like it, unlike the Dark Knight which flowed well, but felt long.  I liked both of those movies.  I also saw The Wrestler (which was great) and JCVD (which was suprisingly good, Van Damme can actually act?  Who knew?).

I didn’t watch any movies for my site, and didn’t get together with Dave or Raz for any of the days to watch anything.  It was a vacation away from all of that.  I did play a lot of games, including Burnout Paradise, Call of Duty World at War and a little bit of Left 4 Dead.  I really like Burnout Paradise, it’s probably the best racing game I played all of last year, and the motorcycle update was really cool.  There’s nothing like cruising the city at top speed trying to break  your friends time records, and other people online.  World at War on the other hand… I’m pretty disappointed.  Even at the easiest difficulties you get killed by unseen enemies constantly and grenades are all over the place.  I decided I was going to just forgo the single player and play multiplayer, since it’s a lot like COD4.  I’ve come to the realization that if I want to play online multiplayer in a shooter like that, I’ll just play COD4, everything is handled a lot better, and I don’t get killed immediately after I spawn.

I’m gonna wrap this entry up by saying that I enjoyed my time off, and I wasn’t looking forward to going back to work, but I am looking forward to getting back into my routine.