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Spoilers in Modern Media

While I’m a big boxing fan, I think my interest has fallen off in the last few years. Lately, MMA has captured a lot more of my attention, and while I don’t normally get all the different Pay Per Views that are associated with MMA, I do end up catching the replays on tv or on the web or whatever.

That being said, when there is a big boxing event, I like to try to stay away from any news (which isn’t hard, since boxing gets little to no coverage on the typical sports networks) or any kinds of spoilers so that when I do finally get around to watching the fight, it’s a surprise to me. The latest “superfight” in boxing was just this past weekend, Floyd Mayweather vs. Juan Manuel Marquez, and I did my best to avoid it.  I didn’t look at my google reader account, I didn’t look at RSS feeds on my phone, I didn’t look at any social media sites where other friends might reveal the outcome… nothing.  I was planning on watching it Sunday afternoon sometime, but that didn’t pan out, so I just was able to snag it out of thin air and I decided to sit down and watch it today.

Unfortunately, all of my avoidance of spoilers and everything I did to shut myself off from finding out ANYTHING about the fight was rendered impotent by what happened in the first minute of the fight.  Floyd Mayweather was accompanied by the WWE wrestler Triple H.  I thought to myself, “Hmm, I forgot all about that guy, lets see what he’s been up to on wikipedia”, as I frequently read wiki entries about whatever comes to my mind.  Wouldn’t you know it, as soon as I start reading about Triple H during the pre-fight introductions, I get to a part in Triple H’s entry that tells me the outcome of the fight.  While I’m not going to spoil it for anyone else (which I’m fairly certain there’s probably only 1 person who may or may not read this entry that will give a shit about boxing), I have to wonder why something so insignificant as a guy walking down an aisle with a boxer would cause another person to put the outcome of the fight in their wikipedia article?

Lesson: In trying to avoid spoilers about anything that may be important to you, lock yourself in an isolation cell at a nearby prison until you’re ready to watch/read/play the media in question.

Parking lot wasteland

I let Raz give me a haircut on Friday.  I bought some new clippers and saw some videos on Youtube, so I figured I was a good instructor, and he could give me a sweet fade.  It took about 40 minutes, but he didn’t do a bad job, and only left a few longer patches.  I ended up going to get myself a look (wow, Check it out!) on Saturday morning just to clean it up a little bit.  I’m so anal about my hair even though I wear a hat 80% of the time.  I need to get out of the wearing a hat rut again, so I need to will myself out of this hat.  I also want to get back to the guy that used to cut my hair a while back because it always seemed like he did a really good job.

Saturday was spent shopping with Katie.  It was tiring.  We left the house at about 11 and we got home eventually around 9 or so and ended up catching up on some TV shows that we’ve been neglecting.  I got a couple bottle openers out of the shopping deal, and a few pilsner glasses to enjoy assorted beers in.  She picked up clothes for her vacation she’s going on in a few days.  I almost scored myself a mouth harp, but I decided I’d probably fuck around with it for an hour or two  and then totally forget about it.  It was only 8 dollars, and I”m regretting not buying it, but I’m sure it will present itself again.

Sunday, we lazed around for a while and went to see “Observe and Report”.  It was bad.  I think there was a single audible guffaw throughout the entire movie.  The jokes were flat, and the characters weren’t funny at all.  There was an extended scene where two characters just say “fuck you” back and forth for about 3 or 4 minutes.  Comedy gold, right there.  After that we went to Sam’s club and I scored a case of Bell’s Oberon, and we went over to Katie’s sister’s for dinner where I polished off 4 or 5 beers.

I’ve been getting the itch to work on music again, which happens about once a year and I end up maybe completing 1 song and then my mind moves on to something else that I get the itch to work on.  If I could focus my brain on one productive activity, I’d be a star!

Also, lost a writer for my site 🙁

Well hello there, my diminutive bird friend.

Dear diary,

I’m really getting sick of cleaning up birdshit from my desk at work.  Yeah, you read that right, there is birdshit on my desk… I work indoors, and there are those high, unfinished ceilings.  Birds get in here and they can’t figure out how to get out and since my desk is against a wall, they get all crazy and decide to expunge their bowels on my stuff.  Thankfully I haven’t had any on my keyboard, mouse, monitor or PC itself, but I have had a few splatters on my work phone.  I of course promptly scrape it off and eat it… ugh, that made me sick to my stomach to even joke about.  I have to disinfect my entire work space.  A few weeks ago I had something on my steno notepad, and I thought that someone got mustard or something on my book, but now I realize it was dried bird shit… fucking disgusting and utterly ridiculous at the same time.

I watched an awesome zombie tv show from the BBC called Dead Set last week.  It’s about a zombie outbreak that happens during a season of the Big Brother tv show in the UK, and the people inside have no idea it’s going on.  It’s 5 episodes long and it was awesome.  I really like the whole 10 episodes in a season and then it’s over attitude that the BBC takes with their shows.  There are a few shows that return for a couple seasons, but it’s a rarity that they have these shows like Cheers or something that go on for years that just meander around the whole point with filler.  I also watched Dead Snow this weekend which is the best Nazi zombie movie I’ve seen.  I was pretty impressed actually.  It’s a more ridiculous and over the top zombie movie (zombies are pretty over the top as it is, right?) that seems to borrow a lot from Evil Dead.

Everyone is out today going to some pep rally rah rah bullshit, so it’s pretty quiet here today, just the way I like it.

I’m just one person, so this really won’t make a shit of difference

Alright everyone, ok… Calm down, folks.  It’s happened, the day is here, I’m just as happy as everyone else.  Ok, well can we just get back to normal now, and move on?  What?  Really?  Well I didn’t say that.  No.  What? Wait, what?  No!  No, I didn’t say that.  Well if you’d let me talk…

All I’m trying to say is why do we have to beat everything into dust?  I know… Yes.  Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool too, I was excited, but what I’m getting at is can we talk about something else now?  Every channel is talking about this, I can’t even see sports highlights on ESPN without being reminded of it.  I mean jeez, you’d think Anna Nicole Smith, or John Travolta’s kid just died.  I guess if I had to hear about that for a month or two, I’m just going to have to put up with this too, right?  I mean at least this is something that I care about, and might actually effect the world in either a positive or negative way, rather than being something that the flapping meat on TV talks about incessantly for no reason at all other than to worship celebrity.



Friday it started snowing pretty hard, so I decided to stay home. I was going to go over Raz’s to watch a movie and probably play some left 4 dead or COD4 or something. Mother nature ruined those plans and I stayed home and DESTROYED all those that tried to stand in my way. I love playing versus, that’s probably the best mode in the game. The 8 player versus sessions are what I look forward to the most on my xbox these days. I like to think that I’m a good player, and a good zombie on the infected side. Not to brag, but I’ve been told I’m one of the top players out of the 12 or so rotating people that I’ve been playing with, but I’m sure if I went online outside my circle of 360 friends I’d get my ass handed to me.  Aaaanyhow, I played that a bit, and Frank played the first game and rage quit, then Raz joined us for the second game.  After that, I rejoined Frank to play COD4 online for a bit before heading to bed.

Saturday was just plain ridiculous and I didn’t end up leaving my house at all.  I used the snowblower on the driveway and sidewalk twice just to keep up.  I played a bit of 360, and started up on Assassin’s Creed.  Oh, I did leave to go get a coffee.

Sunday, I woke up and snowblew again, then we were going to go out and buy stuff so I could make chili.  Katie and i decided to go to Meijer cause they were having a sale, and everyone in the surrounding 50 mile radius must have decided to do the same.  There were lines throughout all the aisles in the front of the store to get to the checkout.  We split up and got in and out of there in about 1/2 an hour, which I was pretty impressed with.  Afterwards, we were going to check out La-z-boy to see if they reduced their prices again.  All the stores in the area are liquidating their stock, but the prices weren’t any lower than the last time we checked about 2 weeks ago.  Afterwards, I felt generous so I was going to help my father in law with his slingbox.  He hadn’t been able to use it in a few months, and when I got there the problem was… it was unplugged.  I figured that a lack of power was probably the reason he couldn’t use it, so while I was plugging it back in, Katie got a phone call.  It was her parents, and they got a new TV that I got to hook up.

By the time I was done building the stand and plugging everything in and hooking it up, we went out to dinner.  I ended up getting home at about 7:30… to late for chili.  I decided to make in the crockpot for today, so I had to prepare all the stuff and get it ready to go for this morning.

Now, I can’t stop thinking about this chili that’s waiting for me at home, and I’m starving.

reverse goatse

We went to costco today to get a few things, vitamins, water, etc (because of the pending apocalypse, of course) and right when you walk in, they have a wall of display tv’s.

I was surprised to see Vizio using a reverse goatse image on their boxes…

Well, hello there!
Well, hello there!

frankly, I have to say I was amused, but a little disturbed at the same time…

An admission of guilt.

I feel so guilty writing this.

I am watching the new 90210.

I watch awful television, and I think I finally have the balls to admit this in a public forum.  I’m sure that my brain is ruined and rotten from all of this but I can’t help myself.  You know what?  I don’t care what anyone thinks about it, and I’m going to start talking about it on a regular basis.  Thankfully though, I’ve been guiltily watching garbage tv just about as long as I’ve been watching garbage movies.

First on the list, 90210.  I was an off and on fan of the old show.  I stopped watching it when they graduated from high school, because honestly, wasn’t the show about these people in high school?  Anyhow, when I started going to college again locally, I watched it a lot and caught back up on it.  Watching the show was a ritual for a while.

With all that said and out of the way, I started watching this newly updated 90210, and so far it’s ok.  I’m sure it will take some time to grow on me.  One thing I don’t like about these remakes is that they always feel compelled to parallel the stories of the old show.  They’ve already etched out characters that are basically the same as the old ones.  If this series takes off, I’ll be waiting to see how close it follows the 90’s version.  I’ll be waiting to see how many times one of their dad’s die, or how many times they’ll get addicted to cocaine or whatever other troubles could happen.  Oh, and there’s even JOE E. TATA AND THE PEACH PIT!  Wtf man… Let the dude rest in peace for crap’s sake.

That concludes my first impressions of 90210.

Oh, and there may be new leads into finding out the identity of the Zodiac Killer…