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Imagine a Karaoke Machine

I have work to do, but I’m just gonna write this instead.

Friday, Raz came over, fell asleep on my couch while watching Tim and Eric, awesome show, great job. We did attempt to watch Return of the Living Dead, and we were successful in that. If you set small goals, they’re easier to attain. He ended up leaving around 11:30 and I was lame and went to bed by midnight. How fucking boring. I’m 31 years old and I go to bed on the weekends by midnight. I get up at 6 sometimes, but still.

On Saturday, I got up at like 9 or someshit, and Katie went out to my inlaws cottage to help them with some golf bullshit, so I stayed home and hooked my 360 back up and played a deathmatch on GTA (FINISHED 2nd, WOO!) and a couple games of Madden, and looked at some other shit, all in preparation for getting my game on SATURDAY NIGHT over RAZ’S HOUSE for a ROCKBAND 2 PARTY! I drank for the first time in like… 3 weeks or something, and ate some chips and drank a bunch of 5 o’clock vodka out of the plastic bottle. I tried to make Raz go drink for drink with me on the shots, but he doesn’t drink often and he only had like 3 sips while I drank a bulk of it and was feeling it. I ended up singing with two other people on some song that I don’t remember and duet with some chick on Psycho Killer by the Talking Heads. She let me sing the high parts, and I was probably awesome. There were a bunch of people I’ll probably never recognize again because I was inebriated. I don’t think I got home until about 3 or so.

Sunday I was awoken at 8am by my nephew, so I said hi and stuff, and Katie covered for me telling him “Uncle Sean has a tummy ache so he’s going to go back to bed” , what an angel… She left to take him to the cottage, and I stayed in bed and recovered. I woke up around 10 and sat on the couch the rest of the day.

I had Monday off, and I watched a couple movies, one documentary called Heavy Load about a punk band in the UK made up of some learning disabled people and some non disabled people. I only caught the last hour or so, but it was pretty interesting. I also watched The Barbarians with David and Peter Paul, also known as the Barbarian brothers… great job!

That night I had my final session with my trainer. I felt like it went kind of crappy, and I didn’t go into my training with the right attitude. I sweat my ass off though, and I felt like I had a good workout at the end. He was really cool, and told me if I had any questions to let him know, and to keep checking back with him, and he’ll help me modify my workout and stuff. I feel like in the 7 weeks we worked together, while I haven’t lost a lot of weight, I’ve lost inches and gained a lot of self confidence. I’ve put on a bunch of muscle and now I’m starting to lose weight a little quicker, which I have to obviously contribute to the muscle gain, the change in my diet, and the increase in my metabolism. I’m also eating the 5 – 6 small meals a day, so that’s helping too.

Today, back to the grind of work. 4 days can’t pass fast enough.

It’s been a while.

I’ll start off with what I can remember from the weekend.

Friday I left work early so I could take Katie to pick up her car from the dealership. She had some belts replaced because her car sounded like one of those old cars in the cartoons, wheezing and sputtering down the road. Afterwards, I went and saw the Tigers lose to the Twins, with Mark and Ruairi. After the game was over we went to Motor City Brew Works, off of Second street near MLK Jr. drive. I hadn’t been there before, but they had really good beer. We met Fred there and he gave me a slice of pizza, which was also pretty good, even though it had mushrooms on it.

Saturday I went over Dave’s and he and Matt and I saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull(s?). I thought overall it was a good an entertaining movie, in the same vein as the others in the series. I thought Harrison Ford looked really good considering he’s 65, and Shia Labouf(sp?) did pretty well too. I think he’s a decent actor, despite what most people I know think of him. I had a few complaints about the movie – mostly the overuse of CGI where it didn’t really need to be. The whole jungle scene was pretty ridiculous. My feeling about Indy movies is that they never needed to rely on CGI to make it believable in the past, so did they just do it to do it? Just to be flashy? I also don’t think I’d be complaining too much if it actually looked good. Most of the CGI looked really weak, which I was suprised with considering the FX were handled by Lucas’s own company. Other than that, I think it was a good addition to the series.

After the movie, I stayed over Dave’s and we eventually ended up watching the Tigers, Pistons, and the Red Wing games that were on that night. After banging around on Rockband for a little bit, I headed home.

On Sunday I went to make a transaction for part of Katie’s birthday gift, which turned out excellent. I was a little tense about it, because the timing was crucial. Afterwards, Katie and I went to Carrie and Fred’s for a cookout they were having. The food was good, and I drank more beers than I care to count (mostly because I lost count somewhere after 5 or 8 or something) and I sat nearly comatose in the passenger seat on the way home. Needless to say, Monday morning was rough.

Monday, we went and saw Prince Caspian, which was ok but not as good as the first movie. Afterwards we relaxed for a little bit before going over my parents house for another cookout. I ended up cooking burgers and bratwurst over there, and we ate outside. It was a little warm out, but nice enough that sweat wasn’t dripping into food, which is nice.

Yesterday we ran to IKEA to pick up some more shit, and a rollerblind for our front bedroom which hasn’t had a shade of any kind for at least a year and a half. When Jeremy comes to town, he’ll be happy to know that there’s a shade up.  I also caught up from issue 1 of Invincible, and I’m almost up to date with The Walking Dead.  I’m thinking of starting a pull list from my local comic shop, but I only have 3 things so far that I can think of that I’d like to read, and I don’t want to look like too much of a Robert Kirkman fanboy, so I need to broaden my horizons a little before I do that.

Weekend Update: Wendy’s edition.

Ok, so please share your opinion of this situation with me…

Wendy’s has the option of when you go there, instead of fries, you can get a salad, a baked potato, chili, or whatever. If you go to Wendy’s and order this: “Can I have a #1 with a coke, and a small chili” Would you expect to get your burger, fries, a coke and a small chili, or do you think it would be interpreted as you wanting just a chili instead of the fries?

My wife went to Wendy’s to pick up her dad some lunch, and that was what she told them in the drive through. She told me when she got her order, she didn’t have fries, and let them know that she didn’t get fries with her order. They told her that they were sorry, but if she wanted fries, they’d have to charge her for a small order of fries because she didn’t pay for them. She told me she expected to get them for free, and I told her that because they didn’t charge her for them in the first place, she shouldn’t expect to get them for free.

Who is right?

Now for the weekend update. Friday, Raz came over and we started to watch the movie “Dead and Buried”, but he got sleepy head and we decided to play GTA IV online instead. We played with some people from Fark.com and he ended up leaving around 2:30 in the morning. I unfortunately ended up playing until 9 am saturday morning. I told myself at 9 “wow, I’m not even tired” and I tried to watch some shitty tv to occupy my time while I waited for a few hours to pass and for it to get to a reasonable time. Yeah… that didn’t work out to well and I ended up nodding off a few times before I finally went to bed at 9:30.

I woke up at 2:30 in the afternoon and played a little more, and waited for Katie to get back from grand rapids. Her and I did some stuff that I can’t remember and Jason ended up coming over that night. We played GTA for a little bit and then I showed him drumming on Rockband. I hadn’t played in a few weeks so I was a little rusty, but was able to finish a song or two on hard without failing miserably. Jason gave it a go and didn’t do too bad for his first time. It’s fun to watch other people play the drums in that game, because it requires a lot of concentration. Sometimes I just get overloaded with all the notes coming down the screen and have to wait until I can catch my rythm again before I start back up instead of painfully flailing along trying to catch the beat.

Sunday, Katie and I went shopping because we were going to grill over my parent’s house. It rained pretty hard all day, so we had to walk in the rain a lot from the car to the stores, and if it weren’t for my rainproof jacket, I would have been pretty miserable… Thanks rainproof jacket!

We ended up grilling hamburgs and having quite a few left over. That’s probably what my lunch will be today. We got home a little later and I finished watching Dead and Buried, and started writing about it.

Today I had to be in at exactly 9am to make some routing changes on the phones and got that taken care of. The day is creeping by now, and I’m trying to convince myself whether or not I can cut the grass after work 🙁

Weekend Update – Illinois Edition

I went out to IL this weekend, and left somewhat early Friday morning so I could get out there and be able to hang out. I went out to visit Jermie and go and see the Tigers play the White Sox at U.S. Cellular field in south Chicago on Saturday.

Driving there wasn’t too bad. He lives about an hour and a half south of Chicago, so once I got to Chicago, I still had quite a ways to go before I’d get to his house. He lives in Bloomington, IL – which I find to be a pretty interesting place. You drive down I-55 and it’s just farm land and on both sides of the expressway dotted with truck stops and fast food restaurants at each exit. That all changes when you get to Bloomington. The exit I got off of is pretty nondescript, but you go down veteran’s highway for about a mile and a half and it’s like an oasis in the desert. The main street is 6 lanes in the middle of nowhere and there’s a billion little businesses all over the place. It’s pretty crazy.

When I got to Jermie’s house he hadn’t got there yet from work, so I sat out in front of his house for about 15 minutes or so waiting for him to get there. While I was sitting out there, his neighbors were passing, and some old lady came out and disappeared after giving me some weird look. All I could imagine were the cops pulling up next to my car asking me what I was doing, thinking I was casing the neighborhood. Me, sitting there with my crazy beard, just waiting outside someones house… That’s not suspicious looking at all.

When he got home, we went out and got some lunch and drank a few beers. After that, we went back to his house and Julie was home with Liam, so we hung out at his house for a while, and Julie went out so we watched Liam till she got back. We ended up going to BW3’s and watching baseball and drinking some more. There was some loud obnoxious chick that sat next to me at the bar, that screamed in my ear my entire time we sat there. We got home, and I was exhausted so I went to bed. I didn’t end up sleeping very well and woke up pretty early on Saturday so that we could go to the game.

We drove out to the game and the weather was shit. It was 39 degrees and rainy as hell. I knew it would be cold, but I didn’t think it would be that cold. The game was fucking horrible. The Sox pitched a no hitter for 7 1/3 innings and the Tigers ended up getting shut out. A nice “De-troit Sucks” chant started up and it was pretty miserable so we ended up leaving to take shelter in the car and hopefully warm up. I fell asleep on the ride back and was starving. When we got back, we ordered a pizza and played rockband till pretty late, drinking beers and Seagram’s. I’m getting my confidence back on drums and finished my first song on Hard that night.

Sunday, I had to psyche myself up to drive the 5-6 hours back home. I left at about noon and made pretty good time at about 5 hours and 20 minutes. It was pretty uneventful, and it seemed to go by pretty quick, especially considering it was such a long drive.

I really dislike driving back into metro Detroit. The entire drive through Illinois, Indiana and most of Michigan you’re driving down 2 lane highway. Almost everyone recognizes that you use the left lane to pass, and you get into the right lane when you’re not passing. The closer you get to Detroit, (noticeably right near Ann Arbor) the more that whole fucking concept breaks down. You eventually get to the point where nobody fucking knows how to drive, society degrades completely and everyone drops 1/2 a chromosome. I shouldn’t have to pass on the right. If you’re not going as fast as the person behind you and there’s no one in the right lane, GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY. On the flip, if you see someone coming up the left lane coming up upon you at a rapid pace, and you’re in the right lane, don’t just pull into the left lane at your same rate of speed if you’re going to pass someone. Either slow down for a second and let them pass, or speed up and so that they aren’t swallowing their teeth because they had to slam on the brakes.

Post 808

Last night I went over Jason’s and played some Super Smash Bros. Before that I was playing more rockband on the drums. That was a humbling experience. Remember a few days ago where I said I could probably tackle hard mode? Yeah… I’m now getting spanked on medium. Just when you think you’re all keith moon and shit, you see some pattern that short circuits your brain and you have no idea what you’re supposed to be doing. I’m sitting there pounding away, plodding along, then all of a sudden I’m in the twilight zone and I forget where I am and start spazzing out just trying to recover a beat. Sadness. It’s all the kick drum that fucks me up.

I also placed my preorder for the collector’s edition of GTA IV, so I could get the cool metal lockbox, duffle (duffel?) and what not. I’m really looking forward to that.

Two days until I go to Chicago to visit Jermie. The weather is supposed to be shite, so hopefully that hold out for the weekend. Otherwise it’ll just be like I’m home and it’s shit outside. I want to try to make it out to Rotofugi, but I don’t know how willing he’ll be to do that. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I’m sure I’ll be back out there this year so maybe I can just go then.

I’ve also been trying to branch out and join some discussion boards and what not. I’m usually content just reading that type of stuff, but I really want to promote my blog and what not, so it’s almost something that I have to do to get the word out. It’s not going so good with the traffic situation lately, so hopefully this will help. I’m averaging about 25 hits a day, and I really think I can do better. Maybe I just write for shit, but if that’s the case, no one will tell me for whatever reason. It’s confusing and frustrating at the same time.

Weekend review- boring edition

Yeah, so I had a long weekend. I took Friday off and went to the baseball game downtown and watched the Tigers lose. I had a few drinks before the game with Dave at the detroiter, then we walked down to Comerica to watch the game. I parked in the Greektown casino parking structure off of Lafayette because it was free. Because we were right off the expressway it didn’t take to long to get out of the congestion and got home pretty quick. Because Katie’s been working late as hell, I ate pizza and sat around by myself and watched some of season 10 of Top Gear.

Saturday I washed some of mountain of laundry that I’ve been putting off for a while. I was running out of clothes, so it was almost necessary that I get some of that shit out of the way. I got a couple of loads done, and had to get ready to go meet Katie’s family for her sister’s birthday dinner.

After dinner we went back to their house and had cake and what not. Just my luck it was ice cream cake and surprisingly I didn’t shit my guts out after eating it. I’ve been getting over my ice cream issues lately, but usually it’s just a trigger for me to have to take a massive dump. Whenever I feel bound up, I’ll just eat ice cream. Afterwards, I went over Jason’s, where they were celebrating Christine’s birthday the previous day with another ice cream cake. I regretfully declined their offers for cake, because I felt I might be tempting the fates a little if I took another shot at my arch nemesis – ice cream. Jason and I played super smash for a few hours afterwards, honing our craft at the new game.

Yesterday I did pretty much what I did on Saturday. More laundry was in need of being washed. I, like most other people, don’t mind putting the clothes in the wash, or in the dryer, but hate the folding with a passion. If I could build a robot that would fold clothes properly or hang them up, I would devote my life to it. I played a little Rockband, trying to get a little further on medium with the drums. I find that I’m always hitting the 90% range with the drums on medium and wonder if I’ll be able to tackle hard mode yet. Sunday night I went out with Bill to another ballgame, and had a few more beers at the detroiter. I’ve been to the detroiter now 3 times this week, and getting decreasingly less intoxicated. The Tigers lost again, and we ended up leaving pretty early to go back to the bar for a beer.

I also got FL Studio 8 – producer edition, which I’m excited to try out. I’m hoping the producer edition has a bit more features that help me do some things that I’ve always been confused with in earlier editions. Other than that, I’m just listening to mogwai, watching the time pass and waiting anxiously for GTA IV, which I saw the first commercial for on Saturday night, and it blew my fucking mind.

Oh yeah, and I reviewed a few movies, including They Live, Ilsa – she wolf of the SS, and Shogun Assassin.  Great movies.

weekend update – opening day edition

an update

for a weekend

in review

Friday was spent at raz’s house playing rockband and watching “The Class of Nuke’em High”, which was epic. I’m not a huge Troma film aficionado, but I usually enjoy the ones I’ve seen. I can’t think of one that I’ve seen that I haven’t liked, but I don’t really go out of my way to find them. Anyhow, we got that review out the door, so mission for Friday was accomplished. Tim had invited us over to his house but we got done too late to go over there.

Saturday, I spent a lot of the day playing the drums on rockband, and modifying my drums to make them a bit quieter. I found how to do it on a website that I can’t get to from work, so I can’t leave a link, but I’ll outline briefly what I did in case anyone else gives a flying shit.

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“You have to scare your kid with a clown eventually”

I’ve been away from posting because I’m too busy scaring my cats and neighbors straining my voice singing on Rockband. I got through the songs on easy in the last few days, and even on easy it gets really tough on songs you’ve never heard. I know almost all of the older songs, but the songs from the present time give me a lot of problems, like the yeah yeah yeahs and ok go. I can get by on some of the other ones, but since I don’t listen to the radio much, and actually avoid a lot of current pop/rock music, I find it hard to follow most of those songs and just end up limping through. I resorted to just moaning monosyllabic-ly to get through the last few tunes I was unfamiliar with because there was no way I was going to be able to read the words and change my pitch accordingly.

I love the fact that new songs have been coming out pretty regularly for download. Guitar Hero was supposed to do that, but it doesn’t seem like much has come out, while just about every week something’s coming out for Rockband. While I’m not particularly interested in any Grateful Dead songs, I did buy the Oasis pack, a few Nine Inch Nails songs and My Iron Lung (which I haven’t played yet).

Katie was telling me that her friend was having a carnival themed birthday party for her daughter’s first birthday. My favorite quote from Katie about it was “you have to scare your kid with a clown eventually.” So true dear, so true.

Why do people insist on making a huge deal out of a kid’s first birthday party? I understand having family over, a few friends, etc, but isn’t the party for the kid? They’re not going to remember anything about their first birthday except from the pictures of them smashing cake on their heads or whatever. I also find the trend of trying to outdo other people’s birthday parties pretty alarming too. My nephew turned 5 last august, and they had a huge friggin moonwalk jump thing at his party. They live on the corner of a somewhat suburban street, with a 7 foot wooden fence on the street side of their house. When driving down the street, you could see the top of a friggin multi-colored castle peeping out from over the fence.

I went to McDonald’s for my 5th birthday party and was told “you should have had your party at booger king” because the road that the Mac Do’s was on flooded and some biker dudes had to help push my mom’s car out. When I got there, they put me to work pouring people’s drinks. I’m sure I found that pretty fascinating at the time, but they were just trying to brainwash me into a future career at Macky Dees. Oh yeah, and no clown, since Ronny McDonny didn’t show up. If he did, I’ve put a mental block on the event.

Going back to clowns, I think I’ve only been to one birthday party where someone had a clown, and I think it was their 12th birthday or something where they were definitely too old to have a clown. I remember us throwing pennies and nickels at the clown when they had their back turned because we were pretty pissed for a few reasons. One, I think we all hated clowns, and two, we were pissed because we thought it was pretty insulting at the time that this kid’s mom hired a clown for his 12th birthday. The only saving grace is if the clown would have had a cool name like Scabs or Rocko or something, but it was probably something stupid like Twinkles or Bubbles or something equally dumb.