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They turn the summer into dust

As I’m wont to do, this is my first update in a while.  It’s been about 15 weeks, I think.  I count time passing in weeks now.  Not a whole lot in my personal life to report.  I’ve picked up running as a hobby, but I’ve been sidetracked for about 2 weeks by this awful chest cold I picked up somewhere.  I can’t take a full breath still without coughing, and that’s after I made a trip to the doctor for some medication.  I’m hoping I can pick running back up either tonight or in the next couple nights.  I’m actually missing it, which I never thought I’d say about something like running.

The big news is Mila’s development.  I was really planning on documenting that more here and I feel guilty that I haven’t been keeping up on it.  She’s 18 weeks old now, as of yesterday.  She’s really starting to develop a personality.  She’s been sleeping through the night now for at least the last 2 months (she’s 4 months old), and whenever we go to pick her up out of the crib she always has a huge grin on her face.  She smiles a lot, and only really fusses when she’s hungry or tired. She definitely didn’t pick that up from me.  She has more of a personality at 4 months than I have at 33 years.

She’s almost rolling over now, and she’s using her hands a lot more.  Everything goes into her mouth, especially her hands.  You don’t realize how big of a deal rolling over is until you’ve been around someone who can’t do it.  Instead of balled up little fists, her hands are open now and grabbing things constantly.  I trimmed my beard the other day, thankfully, because she was starting to grab a hold of that and give it a tug.  Not the most pleasant feeling in the world, but she’s forgiven… for now.

She chatters all the time, and there are times when she just lays on the floor or on our bed and stares at the ceiling fan yelling at it.  Of course I think that’s hilarious, but I’m sure people out at at restaurant wouldn’t find it amusing.  I know a year ago I would have thought “Shut that damned kid up!”, but I have a little different perspective on it now.

Having a kid has made me an emotional wreck.  I look at pictures of her on the computer and I think “She’s growing up so fast!” but realistically, we’re not even a hundred meter dash into a marathon yet.  I get all teary eyed over little things that aren’t even worth getting teary eyed over.  Pretty soon I’ll be crying over commercials or some crap like that.

I’m really looking forward to the day that we can sit together and have a conversation.  I’m extremely curious what she’s thinking all the time.  She always has such a observant look on her face, studying people or places.  We take her out all the time to see all this different stuff.  I feel guilty when I’m not up for it, or I just want Katie to take her out without me.  You only get these moments once, they don’t ever repeat themselves the way they do the first time.  I’ve really learned to appreciate the little things we don’t ever pay attention to day to day because we’re too busy, or they’ve happened for us thousands of times.