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slacking the night away

So. I’ve been rather neglectful to my writing as of recent days. Proof being that I haven’t posted anything since the 9th of December and it is currently the 23rd. Nothing terribly exciting has been going on, mostly the humdrum of everyday life and such.

I got most of my holiday shopping out of the way, I still have to buy some stocking stuff for Katie, but other than that, she’s done with. That’s really all I buy for, she handles all of my family and what not.  I got my dad a couple lights for his bike, so he doesn’t get hit by errant cars at night.  He told us he’d be interested in something like that at Thanksgiving, and he came over a few weeks ago and said “You don’t have to get me that light”… Guess what dude, you didn’t give me any other ideas so you’re getting your goddamned light and you’ll like it.  We considered getting James a cosby sweater that he’d hate, just out of spite for the hassle he gave us last year.  My mom and sister got gift cards because they can’t tell us what they want.

Internalbleeding.net is getting a lot of hits this month, probably thanks to our reviews of Silent Night, Deadly Night parts 1 and 2, and the Hulk Hogan masterpiece “Santa with Muscles” which is rated at #49 on IMDB’s bottom 100.  I don’t think it deserves to be ranked that low, because I’ve easily seen 100 worse movies in my lifetime.  Citizen Kane it is not, but it’s definitely no Ziesters (aka Fat Guy goes Nutzoid), that’s for damned sure.

I had my own website stalker, an actor from a movie I reviewed who kept coming to the site and left about 3 comments about the movie.  I won’t mention the movie or the actor because that will draw him towards this fortress of solitude I call my personal blog.  I’m pretty convinced that he searches for mentions of his movie every few days, which I’d probably do too if I was in a movie, but he leaves comments commending his own performance, and poses as if he’s someone else.  Weird.

I have about 6 1/2 hours until an 11 day vacation.  It can’t come soon enough and I have one task to do before the end of the day.  It’ll take me about 1/2 an hour and the rest of the day will be me sitting here staring blankly at the screen, while scrunching my face and rubbing my forehead in a stressful manner to appear as if I am very busy and cannot be bothered.  This is my strategy.

Jason and I are exchanging munny ornaments.  I have quite a few ideas, but I’m having problems with the implementation.  I think I’ve finally decided on a single idea, and I just have to make a visit to the craft store to get all of my supplies.  I think at this point I’m going to wait until after the holiday because it’s too hard to get around right now, especially with Ikea, Lowes, JC Penny, Target, Meijer, Burger King, Taco Bell, Potbelly Sandwiches, Buy Buy Baby, Jimmy Johns, Subway, Macdonalds, Little Ceasars, Homegoods, Outback Steakhouse, Guitar Center, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Gardner White, Bed Bath and Beyond, Dunhams, Marshalls, assorted movie theaters, OTHER MADNESS AND ETC! being right down the street.

Ok, now I’ve lost my train of what little thought I had going through this post, so it’s come to an end.  If I don’t post again before the big day, happy holidays to you and yours, whoever yours may be.


I haven’t done an update from my weekend in a while, so I’ll take this opportunity to do so.  I took Friday and Tuesday off of work so with those days plus the holiday I was able to get 5 days off, woot.

I had my first fantasy football draft thursday night, and I I guess I did ok.  I’m kinda second guessing my picks but I guess we’ll see what happens as the year goes on.  I got home at a decent hour, but ended up staying late and sleeping in on Friday.  We got our bathtub liner installed so we got on this home improvement kick going, and we ended up buying a bunch of crap from Home Depot, light fixtures, paint, a lock for our front door and a few other things I’m sure.  I neded up installing a couple fixtures on Friday night and stayed up late again.

Saturday we went out to the cottage and I was drunk by 3pm or so on shitty beer.  I don’t really remember much from the day besides sweating on the couch falling asleep.  It wasn’t my finest moment, and I ended up talking about work which I never do when I’m not at work.  I guess I was wasted so I had a bit of an excuse.

Sunday I painted the ceiling in our bathroom and afterwards we went and had dinner at my parents house.  I cooked out on the grill, and we didn’t end up playing any uno, so that was a little disappointing.

Monday I did some shit that I can’t remember during the day and that night I had my other fantasy football draft.  I feel like I have a better team than my team I drafted on Thursday.  Again, I’ll have to see how that goes.  Tuesday I ended up just chilling out by myself, and today I went back to work, yay!  I kind of wish I would have taken the rest of the week off, but I guess I can do something constructive and save my vacation time.

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I’m back at work.  I could feel my soul floating away as I walked in the door.

I’ll try and recap the last few days of my life in a concise manner.  Expect this to turn into a rambling mess.

I left work Wednesday primarily because I wanted to, but also because someone here was getting on my nerves.  They were crying and whining about their stupid life and their stupid work imposed goals and they were just too stupid to figure out anything.  “But I talked to so and so in such and such and they said that…” Guess what, fuck?  I am one of the 5 people trained in the region on this program, and you’re going to ask some fucking slack jawed mongoloid if I’m doing something wrong?  You can eat a pile of my defecation.  I’m outta here!

So that was Wednesday.  I spent the rest of the day convalescing, and turning that into Thursday.  I basically got nothing accomplished that day, until about 7pm, when Dave came over and we watched The Last House on the Left, and Undefeatable.  Raz ended up coming over too and we watched one of the best movies I’ve ever seen, called THE STABILIZER.  This guy that stars in The Stabilizer, Peter O’Brian, looks like a more retarded version of Sylvester Stallone.  The movie is in english, where they dub over people’s voices because they probably have some kind of asian accent, but this O’Brian character (who is American) has his voice overdubbed too!  He can barely open his mouth when he talks, so I can understand why they don’t let him talk.  There’s this awesome picture of him in one of those fishnet shirts… I’ll have to post it when I get a chance to capture it.  Anyhow, that movie is great.

Friday was the 4th, and I went to my in-laws cottage, which sucks the life out of me.  It seems like we can never go there and just hang out with the family, they always have some friends coming over.   It was somewhat bareable, drinking skunky Bud lite.   I just really don’t like it there.  It seems everytime we go there we end up doing work.  We got home around 11 and I was bushed, so I headed to bed.

Saturday was time to visit my parents.  We cooked out on the grill and played Uno, which is tradition.  James actually hung around for a while, which is unusual, and played with us.  We got home late again that night.

Sunday Katie went to the cottage again, and I went to see Hancock with Jason.  Hancock… eh.  It was really predictable, and cheesy.  They said “Fuck you” “shit” “asshole”, etc. but the first 3 minutes of the movie, they play that Ludacris song “Move bitch” and it’s edited so “Bitch” isn’t in the movie… WTF? It’s ok to call some dude an asshole 4 times in a row (BTW, you can say anything you want to Hancock, just don’t call him an asshole!), but you can’t say bitch?  Who are you protecting by not saying that word?  Whatever, it was fucking horseshit anyhow.  That was the highlight of Sunday.

Monday… I wrote about.  That was about all I did on Monday. yeah.