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An admission of guilt.

I feel so guilty writing this.

I am watching the new 90210.

I watch awful television, and I think I finally have the balls to admit this in a public forum.  I’m sure that my brain is ruined and rotten from all of this but I can’t help myself.  You know what?  I don’t care what anyone thinks about it, and I’m going to start talking about it on a regular basis.  Thankfully though, I’ve been guiltily watching garbage tv just about as long as I’ve been watching garbage movies.

First on the list, 90210.  I was an off and on fan of the old show.  I stopped watching it when they graduated from high school, because honestly, wasn’t the show about these people in high school?  Anyhow, when I started going to college again locally, I watched it a lot and caught back up on it.  Watching the show was a ritual for a while.

With all that said and out of the way, I started watching this newly updated 90210, and so far it’s ok.  I’m sure it will take some time to grow on me.  One thing I don’t like about these remakes is that they always feel compelled to parallel the stories of the old show.  They’ve already etched out characters that are basically the same as the old ones.  If this series takes off, I’ll be waiting to see how close it follows the 90’s version.  I’ll be waiting to see how many times one of their dad’s die, or how many times they’ll get addicted to cocaine or whatever other troubles could happen.  Oh, and there’s even JOE E. TATA AND THE PEACH PIT!  Wtf man… Let the dude rest in peace for crap’s sake.

That concludes my first impressions of 90210.

Oh, and there may be new leads into finding out the identity of the Zodiac Killer…