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An overdue update.

I haven’t forgotten to write, I’ve just been a little busy. I’ll recap my weekend.

Thursday night, I went out to the bar with Chris and a few other people I used to work with. It was fun, beer was cheap, and thankfully I had the next day off of work because we closed the bar that night. I was especially happy I had the day off the next morning, because I think I probably would have had a hard time making it in at a reasonable hour.

Friday night, Katie was out helping her sister with the babies, so I went with Raz over to Dave’s house and we had a little 3 person GTA fest. We ended up playing some races with another group of people for a few hours, and one of the guys had this easily mimic’d voice, so We had fun with that for the rest of the night. I ended up driving Raz home and then I had to drive back home, so I was on the road for about an hour before I could crash into my bed.

Saturday night I met up with Dave at Tim’s house and we were supposed to watch a movie, but we ended up playing Soul Caliber 4 and Mario Kart and drinking beers. Another late night.

Sunday I went out to the cottage and did my favorite thing in the entire world… WATCHED GOLF ON TV! YAY! Other than that, chilled outside and took a ride on the neighbor’s boat for a little bit, which actually ended up being fun. I got some crazy bite on my arm that is red as hell right now, and I’d love to scratch the shit out of it, but it hurts when I do, so I’ll have to just leave it alone.

Monday after work, I had my first appointment at the gym with my trainer. He kicked my ass. I got a little dizzy for a minute because I didn’t eat what I was supposed to before the session. The guy seems pretty down to business, which was difficult, because I like to joke around a little bit, and he wasn’t having it. Maybe next week it’ll be a little better. He gave me a bunch of homework to do for next week, so hopefully I’ll be a little better prepared. I wasn’t as sore as I was last week after my freelance workout. I couldn’t really move my arms much last wednesday and had to actually leave work. I thought by going home and crying in bed it might make my arms feel a little less useless. I was sadly mistaken. After about 2 hours with the heating pad on my arms helped loosen them up.

Tuesday, after my workout, this time I was a little sore, but nothing major. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the gym, but I made sure to get up bright and early today and went before work. I sweat my bag off, but I felt good after I was done. I plan on going in tomorrow before work too. It’s a nice wakeup.

I don’t feel any type of “high” after I workout, but when I miss a day, I feel guilty about it. Maybe that guilt is enough to keep me motivated.

Oh, and I just started a giveaway at my site, so if you’re interested in possibly winning a 12 Inch zombie figure, check it out at here – it’s free to enter, and requires no obligation.

It is mine


after months of waiting…

paying for it 3 weeks ago…

it’s finally in my possession…


and I don’t plan on leaving the house at all for the rest of the week.  I got my huge mountain dew amp slurpee that will probably result in me having several small heart attacks before I finally pass out due to exhaustion, but i have it nonetheless burning a hole in my stomach with it’s caffeine.  I picked it up tonight at midnight, and there were about 70 people in line.  I was probably around #50, and there were several people that showed up after I was in the store.  I’d expand more but at this time I’m getting sweats, so I have to play now… bye for a week!


It smells here today. I can’t exactly place what the smell is. Maybe a paint of some sort, or a really bad coffee.

Yesterday I formatted and reinstalled xp sp3 on my desktop. It had been running like hot garbage. My mouse cursor would freeze, but the mouse still worked, and everything was running super ass slow. I got fed up with it and after making sure to move everything valuable off of the drive, I commenced with the insanity. Another problem I had was that I had stuff installed on that partition, but overall it was really small. I kept getting notifications that I was running out of space, which was goddamned annoying.

Of course after I reinstalled, and thought to myself, “I’m sure I’m forgetting something to move over” and I was. All of my mail. Fun. I had a lot of email that I probably should have deleted though, so it’s probably a blessing in disguise.  Then the rest of the night was spent getting everything back to the way I like it.

Unfortunately because of all that fun, I didn’t get a chance to watch a movie last night like I wanted to. I also wanted to try our Multi Theft Auto – which is a multiplayer mod for the GTA III series on the PC. I was listening to a podcast and one of the guys mentioned that he was playing on a server where people actually played out roles in the game. There were people who actually played as cab drivers, and normal citizens. The admins would play cops and police the server. This guy said that he and his friends went in using the clown character model and just wreaked havoc. They got caught an were put into a jail in the game where they had to get a lawyer, and if you could get sentenced to having your character in jail for months. Wow… that’s getting pretty involved.

So… two days left until my week vacation. 5 days until GTA IV.