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Baldfaced Bob

I haven’t shaved at all, I mean not even maintenance work, etc, since Nov. 1st.  While I don’t mind it on a daily basis, it’s been playing on my psyche, I think.  On 2 occasions, I’ve had dreams that suddenly I’ve been clean shaven, and it scares me.  It takes me a bit to realize it’s a dream and that I still have my beard.  Last night’s dream left me with just a mustache (I like to spell it moustache, for some reason – I think that should be the official spelling).  I have no idea why I’m having these dreams and the whole situation seems pretty weird to me.

Other than that, I’ve got another week before I bottle my beer.  I want to get a swamp heater/chiller going so I can better control the temperature of my bottles and my fermenters.  I think that would help more with quality control purposes.

I got a new cap, a black New Era Montreal Expos hat, it looks like this:
Since they don’t make a black Detroit Tigers hat with a white D (or at least not one I can find easily), I decided to go with a defunct franchise (the Expos eventually migrated to Washington DC where they’re known as the Nationals, FYI).  The only problem is, I paid quite a bit of cash for this hat, and it has a glaring imperfection.  The MLB logo on the back of the hat is crooked, not parallel to the bottom of the hat, and it’s off center.  It’s not terribly noticeable, but like I said, I paid a decent amount of money for the hat and I want it to be as advertised, not some crooked shit.  New Era’s support says they’ll get back to you in 24 hours but it’s been 5 days and I haven’t heard shit about it.  And I ordered it directly from them, not from some fly by night two-bit operation – unless New Era is actually a fly by night two-bit operation, of course.

Right after I used a bunch of ketchup.

I had a dream.

I don’t remember much of it, except Johnny Cash took me to see a movie.  He was ripped, built like a brick shithouse.  After the movie he told me that I could take any bread I wanted.  There were loaves of bread piled on tables, and some of them were falling apart in the bags, they were unstable.  I had a bag of bread that was crumbling, and he told me to take another bag of higher quality  bread.  On my way out he told me that I can eat whatever I want to build muscle, but I should stay away from steroids and ketchup.

I said “I should use steroids and ketchup?”

He said “No… Stay AWAY from steroids and ketchup!”

Thanks Johnny Cash.

Sticker Book

I want to buy some cool stickers. Not those shitty smiley face stickers that your mom would get in the mail every once in a while for a magazine she’d never order but give you the sheet of stickers. Is there a store online that just sells stickers? I’ve found a couple cool stickers on a few different websites, but I don’t want to buy 15 different stickers from 12 different stores, so they can send me an envelope each. That would probably take forever to get all of those stickers, wouldn’t it? I’m thinking stickers like the Shawnimals flying moustache sticker that Jason has, or something with a cool design on it. I would even consider getting stuff where I don’t even know what the product is, but it looks cool. I’m willing to compromise.

Katie and I on the spur of the moment went to see The Incredible Hulk yesterday. We went to the goodrich theater by our house, and this was the first time that I’ve been there where it was a semi-crap experience. It wasn’t loud enough in the theater. At the beginning of the movie, it was really hard to hear what was being said. The sound was also gurglie, like it was underwater or something. By the end of the movie, either my ears had adjusted, or it got louder. Anyhow, I thought the movie was really good – and a hell of a lot better than I expected. One thing though… I love Edward Norton as an actor, don’t get me wrong… but he’s getting this whole old lady look to his face. I think it’s his jawline or something. Oh yeah, and good setup for Sam Sterns.

I had a dream this morning that Katie and I got into this huge arguement, and I hulked out. I didn’t get big and green like the hulk though. I remember being really pissed off at her, and it made for one of those confusing moments when you wake up disoriented, floating between dream and reality.

A new philosophy

I’ve developed a new philosophy- “Ask a stupid question, and you get a stupid answer.”

I’m sick of trying to decipher riddles when people ask me questions.  If you want to know the answer to something, ask a direct question.  If you can’t formulate your thoughts into english that I can understand, give me an example.  If you aren’t getting the answer that you’re looking for, maybe you’re asking the wrong question.

I had a dream before I fell asleep last night.  I went to lay down and before I fell asleep, I was somewhere else for a few seconds.  When I opened my eyes, I was back in my bed.  I can’t remember where I went but it wasn’t home.

The bottomless bucket is a portal to the vast sea

God, this weather is some bullshit. It’s going to get to 90 degrees today and I’m sure it’s going to be 100% humidity, my favorite! Days like today you can see where your body has cut a path through the air.

I had a dream last night that I was feeding fish to a seal. It was a white seal, about the size of a large cat, and I had to grab these slimy chilled fish out of a bucket, and after a while the seal really didn’t care much about the fish. The seal walked away and I kept trying to grab this one particular fish that kept slipping out of my grasp and falling back in the bucket. The ice in the bucket started melting and the fish started thawing out. I was looking into the bucket and as the fish started to reanimate, the bucket was bottomless and all types of fish were swimming around, from the kinds that were being fed to the seal, to black fish with giant flowing fins. One of the fish floated to the top like it was gasping it’s dying breath and as it rose the surface it got bigger and bigger and bigger until all I could see was it’s giant eye engulfing me, and then I woke up. I had to pee.

Anyhow, besides that, yesterday I went to the doctor’s office for a routine checkup, and they drew blood. I hate getting blood drawn, it always makes me feel sick. I’ve only had it done about 4 times in my life, and 3 of the times have been with this doctor. Last time I had blood drawn I started getting clammy and broke out in a cold sweat before they actually put the needle in. Yesterday, I was ok, I didn’t look at the needle, I didn’t look at the blood… I was ok until about 3 seconds after the needle got put in and I started feeling light headed. They had to call all these people in to help me lie down so I didn’t fall off of the table, and to say I felt shitty would be an understatement. I was as white as a sheet, and the only way I can describe the way I felt would be to say, it was as if I hadn’t drank water for a week and I was tasked with physically exerting myself. I felt exhausted, and it was horrible. After I got a drink of some OJ though, I was back to reality within seconds.

After work I had an eye appointment and got fitted with some daily use contacts. I wore them out of the office and around for a few hours to get used to them. It’s weird looking at myself without glasses, since I wear them everyday, and I’ve worn them consistantly since my last pair of contacts which was over 10 years ago. My vision is bad enough that I can’t see myself in the mirror unless I get super close, so being able to see myself without glasses on from far away was odd. Glasses are kind of my trademark at this point. I figure I’ll only wear them on days that I know I want to wear sunglasses or something. If I were to get 30 sets of daily wear contacts it would probably easily last me 6 months, if not a year. I thought it was weird that I got the same perscription contacts for both eyes, because in the past I’ve worn different perscriptions on each eye. Now I can’t mix them up.

It seems like this week has gone by pretty quick, especially considering I’ve been busy at work and all. Of course Friday is going to drag because I’m looking forward to the days off, but isn’t that how it always goes?

Nobody watches television ’cause he’s got a better show

I had a dream last night about my old roommate phil. I was walking around, and I saw him walking down the street on the other side, in the opposite direction. I started calling him out for being a punk and some other assorted names. He turned around, crossed the street and he started fighting with me, but I was defending myself instead of fighting back. I ended up getting some woman to help me take him down to the police station to get him put in jail. I remember saying to him “you got a place to live? If not, you’re gonna have somewhere to stay for a long time.” and also calling him a failure as often as possible. I hope you rot, phil.

Anyhow, I feel like I have a full week, but I’m really only doing stuff after work tonight and tomorrow night. Tonight is the Tigers game vs. the Red Sox – here’s hoping they win one tonight. Tomorrow is the Ministry show- which I am pumped for. I don’t know if you can hear words on a website, but I’m PUMPED. The last few Ministry albums have been really good, so I’m expecting a good show. I can’t forget to bring ear plugs because if I do, my ears will be done for.

Because this week until Thursday is spoken for, I haven’t been able to review any craptacular movies, and really should have watched more on my vacation and stocked up on reviews. I really need to keep up with content. I thought about watching something last night, but it was pretty late by the time I was going to get around to it, and I was tired and wouldn’t have been able to put all of my awesome creative energy into it.

Don’t eat nuts at Montel Williams’ house

Ok, so this is a dream

it happened a few nights ago so I have to try to remember as much as I can about it.

I flew out on a plane to Las Vegas by myself to be part of a reality show hosted by Montel Williams.  There were about 6 or 7 other people and we were supposed to live in a house together and do challenges and the normal reality show bullshit.  Our first assignment when we got there was to each watch a movie and then talk about it the next day.  We sat around and chatted a bit, and everyone went to their own rooms or whatnot to get started on their movie and going to bed.  I wasn’t tired, so I decided to stay up out in the common room and decompress for a little bit.

While I was relaxing out on a couch, there was a knock on the door, so I went up to see who it was.  There was this black guy waiting out on the porch, so I opened the door and stepped outside.  He had been driving a taxi cab and told me he had a delivery.  I signed for the delivery and opened up the package and there were a bunch of nuts inside.  The guy seemed pretty interesting, so I asked him a few questions about himself, and we started talking about astral projection, the stars, the universe and other topics of conversation.  I started to dig into these nuts and eat quite a few of them.

The odd thing about the night was that it was snowing.  It was just coming down and the guy mentioned to me how weird it was that it was snowing, because they’re in the middle of the desert and it never snows out there.  It wasn’t too terribly cold, but this guy was all bundled up in scarves and shit and he had these big aviator sunglasses on.  After I ate some of the nuts, he started moving really weird and broke out into some crazy pop-lock routine and eventually we said our goodbye’s and he was off in the cab out into the darkness.

When I went back into the house, I had some more of these nuts and decided to lay down on the couch and watch my movie.  Suddenly, everything went red, and these flashes of violence came into my vision, people being beaten, mainly.  Freezeframes of baseball bats hitting people, groups of people inflicting violence upon others, and other visions.  They were like polaroids dropping down onto a pool of blood – one after another after another piling up.  I was sitting there when the others in the house came out of their rooms in the morning and they all came up to me to ask what had happened.  When I looked around the main area and the kitchen, the whole place was totally trashed.  There were dishes smashed all over the place, things torn off of the walls, papers everywhere.  I had no idea what happened, and I wasn’t entirely sure if someone else had come in and done everything or if it had been me.

That’s when I woke up.


I had a dream that I was walking in a field in the dark.  Only the light from the stars lit the path and it suddenly got bright.  I looked up in the sky and I saw shooting stars; at first only a few streaks of light, then the entire sky lit up.  It was like little threads being pulled out of fabric, each thread being pulled let through a shock of light, from very slow to almost instantaneous.   Once the whole sky was bright with light, the shooting stars turned into fireworks and exploded into colored sparks.

I don’t remember much else, because I woke up shortly after that.