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They don’t call it the windy city for nothing!

The Kidrobot pirate store opened in Chicago on October 3rd for a Huck Gee dunny signing of his “Hello I’m Insane” 8″ dunny. I didn’t make it out for that, but I was able to get out there on the 4th for their proper grand opening.

Friday Katie and I saw the new Simon Pegg film “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People”, which I thought was pretty good. After that, we got our stuff ready and went out to Grand Rapids to see Katie’s sister and the triplets. We hung out that night and I was falling out pretty early so I went to bed in preparation for my 3 hour drive ahead.

Saturday, we woke up early and ended up leaving around 9:30 or so, and drove into Chicago. We had to fight a little traffic, but made it to the Kidrobot store at around 11:30 or so, and took a look around. I don’t know what I was expecting, but the store was a little underwhelming. It was basically a few tables in the middle of the smallish space, and some plywood walls with aluminum foil on them. They really didn’t have that much stuff in the store but we ended up getting a mousepad and Katie got a couple Tokidoki Cactus friends blind box dudes. Other than that I talked to a dude that was working the night before and said they had about 200 people in line for 100 signed Huck Gee dunnies. Like I said, I don’t know what I was expecting. I was really disappointed that they didn’t have any stickers at all, when I’ve emailed them they tell me they can’t send me stickers, I have to come into their store, and when I get there they say “Well, we just opened, we don’t have any stickers yet”… uhh, ok.

After that, we went to Rotofugi, which was a really cool store. They have just about everything on display so you know what you’re getting. I ended up getting a Black Murder Dr. Bomb, which is limited to 100 pieces. I also picked up a few series 4 and 5 dunnies, and a couple fatcaps. I’ll take some pictures of what I got when I get home, since I haven’t found too many pictures of that particular Dr. Bomb.

We were done with all my shopping early, so we ended up going to michigan ave, so Katie could buy our neice a doll from the American Girl store. If I’ve never mentioned it before, dolls creep me out. Not so much when they’re in a normally lit room, but in the dark I’m out the door. We walked around a bit and ate before we ended up starting our drive home at about 5pm or 6. We got home at I think 10:30 or 11:30 and we went to bed pretty quick.

Sunday was spent slacking off. I went to Dave’s to watch football, wee!

I took my camera and I think I got like 5 pictures, one of which was a Lamborghini outside of a bentley dealership on rush street, and 2 or 3 were of the road on the drive home.



This weekend update keeps getting pushed back further and further. It’s getting to the point where I can’t remember what I did to even write it down. Maybe self hypnotism is the cure. Imagine a waterfall and only listen to the sound of my voice. My voice is calm, soothing, gentle. It wraps around you like a warm blanket, and in it you feel totally secure, like a baby in swaddling clothes…

Friday night Katie and I went to see Pineapple Express. I think too many stoned people in the audience ruined the movie. I really wanted to like it, but after seeing it I don’t know what to think. Anyhow, after the movie we went to dinner, which was sometime around 9:30 or so. With this going to the gym stuff, I get up at 6:30 AM and I get to the point of exhaustion by 11 PM if I’m lucky. Anyhow, after dinner, I pretty much went to bed.

Saturday, we woke up and watched some of the olympics, and eventually made it out to Sam’s club for some stuff we needed to pick up. Afterwards, we slacked off a little bit before we went to the Baseball game. It was a little sprinkly throughout the game, and these two older couples sat in front of us. It starts to lightly mist, and these 4 douchebags pull out fucking golf umbrellas, totally blocking out my view. Seriously, I can only make out the top of the scoreboard over these umbrellas. I’ll upload a picture of it. While I’m texting someone about it, they start to put down their umbrellas and one of the guys is like “It’s just sprinkling, I think we can take these down” and the woman looks back at me, sees me texting and says “Oh, he’s not paying attention anyhow” Eat a big steamy pile of my greasy shit and die in a fire. After the game, We got home a little late and again, went to bed early.

Sunday morning we went grocery shopping and picked up a few other things. I went over Dave’s house to drink beer and eat pizza, and we watched “Yor: Hunter from the Future” and “Deadly Prey”, two movies that were so bad they were decent.

Monday was work and then slack, and today I went to the gym again. After work, Jason and I are going to go to Lift to see their Munny show, and Hopefully they have the Kozik Murder Dr. Bomb, but I’m doubting they will. Plus madden comes out today, so I’ll be spending money on that. yay!

A weekend of vinyl

so, I’m gonna talk about this weekend. It’s a short week and it’s making me lazy.

Friday night I went over raz’s and watched The Street Fighter with Sonny Chiba. I had seen bits and pieces of it before, but I hadn’t ever sat through the thing in it’s entirety. I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. After that Jenny wanted to watch another movie, so we watched some movie about atlantis that I can’t remember the name of, but I didn’t enjoy that nearly as much as I thought I would. It did have some good elements, but it was ultimately ‘meh’.

Saturday, Katie and I went out to Vault of Midnight, and I bought the Frank Kozik Lime Sherbert Dr. Bomb figure that I had in my last post. After we got home, we cleaned the house a little bit, and then I went over Jason’s house to chill. We went out to Lift and I bought the Kozik Blue Glow in the Dark Dr. Bomb who is 8″ where the Lime one is 10″, yay! I also talked to the owner who has a Kozik Redrum 8″ dunny that he said he’d sell me. I’m waiting to hear back from him to see when he’ll have it in the shop. Afterwards, we went out to dinner, and hung out and played Smash.

Sunday, I went to the Tiger game and afterwards went over to Fred and Carrie’s for dinner. Had a few beers at the house and ended getting home at around 9 or 10. I stayed up a little late watching the Louis Theroux Wild Weekend shows about Pornography and one about Wrestling.

I also got some Richard Ayoade and Matt Holness show “Man to Man with Dean Learner” which is a spinoff of Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace… I heard it’s not great, but I’ll have to give the first few episodes a good watching before I decide.