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drink this.

I went to a wine/beer tasting on Saturday.  I knew there wasn’t going to be much in the beer department, and I was right.  They had these punch cards that you had to wear around your neck and they were supposed to punch a whole each time you had a drink.  I tried the 8 beers out of 80 different drinks and I tried sake for the first time and didn’t get a punch on my card.  After the tasting we all went out to the bar and had a few beers and played shuffleboard.

Sunday we went out to Mayberry park and hiked around on their trails.  I’d like to go back out there in different clothes and check out a few more of their trails.  We tried to go to a cider mill before the trails, but there were people lined up for a while.  We decided it wasn’t worth standing in line for an hour to get glorified juice.  Besides, I had already eaten like crap and that was just going to pile it on.

I realized that I had a hard drive failure on my hands Monday.  My desktop’s primary drive is taking a massive dump and I can boot my OS for about 30 minutes, max before it reboots.  While it’s an easy fix, I just have to wait for the new drive, and I can’t really get to my movies and music and stuff.  I’m waiting to get screenshots of a movie for my site, so that sucks.

So anyhow, I don’t have really anything to write besides that.  No personal feelings to share – since this really isn’t private, and I don’t feel like putting my feelings out there right now, so… yep, that’s it.

Grim Reaper Kidrobot comes out tomorrow, yay.

Imagine a Karaoke Machine

I have work to do, but I’m just gonna write this instead.

Friday, Raz came over, fell asleep on my couch while watching Tim and Eric, awesome show, great job. We did attempt to watch Return of the Living Dead, and we were successful in that. If you set small goals, they’re easier to attain. He ended up leaving around 11:30 and I was lame and went to bed by midnight. How fucking boring. I’m 31 years old and I go to bed on the weekends by midnight. I get up at 6 sometimes, but still.

On Saturday, I got up at like 9 or someshit, and Katie went out to my inlaws cottage to help them with some golf bullshit, so I stayed home and hooked my 360 back up and played a deathmatch on GTA (FINISHED 2nd, WOO!) and a couple games of Madden, and looked at some other shit, all in preparation for getting my game on SATURDAY NIGHT over RAZ’S HOUSE for a ROCKBAND 2 PARTY! I drank for the first time in like… 3 weeks or something, and ate some chips and drank a bunch of 5 o’clock vodka out of the plastic bottle. I tried to make Raz go drink for drink with me on the shots, but he doesn’t drink often and he only had like 3 sips while I drank a bulk of it and was feeling it. I ended up singing with two other people on some song that I don’t remember and duet with some chick on Psycho Killer by the Talking Heads. She let me sing the high parts, and I was probably awesome. There were a bunch of people I’ll probably never recognize again because I was inebriated. I don’t think I got home until about 3 or so.

Sunday I was awoken at 8am by my nephew, so I said hi and stuff, and Katie covered for me telling him “Uncle Sean has a tummy ache so he’s going to go back to bed” , what an angel… She left to take him to the cottage, and I stayed in bed and recovered. I woke up around 10 and sat on the couch the rest of the day.

I had Monday off, and I watched a couple movies, one documentary called Heavy Load about a punk band in the UK made up of some learning disabled people and some non disabled people. I only caught the last hour or so, but it was pretty interesting. I also watched The Barbarians with David and Peter Paul, also known as the Barbarian brothers… great job!

That night I had my final session with my trainer. I felt like it went kind of crappy, and I didn’t go into my training with the right attitude. I sweat my ass off though, and I felt like I had a good workout at the end. He was really cool, and told me if I had any questions to let him know, and to keep checking back with him, and he’ll help me modify my workout and stuff. I feel like in the 7 weeks we worked together, while I haven’t lost a lot of weight, I’ve lost inches and gained a lot of self confidence. I’ve put on a bunch of muscle and now I’m starting to lose weight a little quicker, which I have to obviously contribute to the muscle gain, the change in my diet, and the increase in my metabolism. I’m also eating the 5 – 6 small meals a day, so that’s helping too.

Today, back to the grind of work. 4 days can’t pass fast enough.


I haven’t done an update from my weekend in a while, so I’ll take this opportunity to do so.  I took Friday and Tuesday off of work so with those days plus the holiday I was able to get 5 days off, woot.

I had my first fantasy football draft thursday night, and I I guess I did ok.  I’m kinda second guessing my picks but I guess we’ll see what happens as the year goes on.  I got home at a decent hour, but ended up staying late and sleeping in on Friday.  We got our bathtub liner installed so we got on this home improvement kick going, and we ended up buying a bunch of crap from Home Depot, light fixtures, paint, a lock for our front door and a few other things I’m sure.  I neded up installing a couple fixtures on Friday night and stayed up late again.

Saturday we went out to the cottage and I was drunk by 3pm or so on shitty beer.  I don’t really remember much from the day besides sweating on the couch falling asleep.  It wasn’t my finest moment, and I ended up talking about work which I never do when I’m not at work.  I guess I was wasted so I had a bit of an excuse.

Sunday I painted the ceiling in our bathroom and afterwards we went and had dinner at my parents house.  I cooked out on the grill, and we didn’t end up playing any uno, so that was a little disappointing.

Monday I did some shit that I can’t remember during the day and that night I had my other fantasy football draft.  I feel like I have a better team than my team I drafted on Thursday.  Again, I’ll have to see how that goes.  Tuesday I ended up just chilling out by myself, and today I went back to work, yay!  I kind of wish I would have taken the rest of the week off, but I guess I can do something constructive and save my vacation time.

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An admission of guilt.

I feel so guilty writing this.

I am watching the new 90210.

I watch awful television, and I think I finally have the balls to admit this in a public forum.  I’m sure that my brain is ruined and rotten from all of this but I can’t help myself.  You know what?  I don’t care what anyone thinks about it, and I’m going to start talking about it on a regular basis.  Thankfully though, I’ve been guiltily watching garbage tv just about as long as I’ve been watching garbage movies.

First on the list, 90210.  I was an off and on fan of the old show.  I stopped watching it when they graduated from high school, because honestly, wasn’t the show about these people in high school?  Anyhow, when I started going to college again locally, I watched it a lot and caught back up on it.  Watching the show was a ritual for a while.

With all that said and out of the way, I started watching this newly updated 90210, and so far it’s ok.  I’m sure it will take some time to grow on me.  One thing I don’t like about these remakes is that they always feel compelled to parallel the stories of the old show.  They’ve already etched out characters that are basically the same as the old ones.  If this series takes off, I’ll be waiting to see how close it follows the 90’s version.  I’ll be waiting to see how many times one of their dad’s die, or how many times they’ll get addicted to cocaine or whatever other troubles could happen.  Oh, and there’s even JOE E. TATA AND THE PEACH PIT!  Wtf man… Let the dude rest in peace for crap’s sake.

That concludes my first impressions of 90210.

Oh, and there may be new leads into finding out the identity of the Zodiac Killer…