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Well hello there, my diminutive bird friend.

Dear diary,

I’m really getting sick of cleaning up birdshit from my desk at work.  Yeah, you read that right, there is birdshit on my desk… I work indoors, and there are those high, unfinished ceilings.  Birds get in here and they can’t figure out how to get out and since my desk is against a wall, they get all crazy and decide to expunge their bowels on my stuff.  Thankfully I haven’t had any on my keyboard, mouse, monitor or PC itself, but I have had a few splatters on my work phone.  I of course promptly scrape it off and eat it… ugh, that made me sick to my stomach to even joke about.  I have to disinfect my entire work space.  A few weeks ago I had something on my steno notepad, and I thought that someone got mustard or something on my book, but now I realize it was dried bird shit… fucking disgusting and utterly ridiculous at the same time.

I watched an awesome zombie tv show from the BBC called Dead Set last week.  It’s about a zombie outbreak that happens during a season of the Big Brother tv show in the UK, and the people inside have no idea it’s going on.  It’s 5 episodes long and it was awesome.  I really like the whole 10 episodes in a season and then it’s over attitude that the BBC takes with their shows.  There are a few shows that return for a couple seasons, but it’s a rarity that they have these shows like Cheers or something that go on for years that just meander around the whole point with filler.  I also watched Dead Snow this weekend which is the best Nazi zombie movie I’ve seen.  I was pretty impressed actually.  It’s a more ridiculous and over the top zombie movie (zombies are pretty over the top as it is, right?) that seems to borrow a lot from Evil Dead.

Everyone is out today going to some pep rally rah rah bullshit, so it’s pretty quiet here today, just the way I like it.

The swarm of blackbirds

I almost forgot about this.  When Katie and I were going to the bookstore, we had to go by her sister’s house because she has a discount card for Barnes and Noble.  On our way over there, I had a pretty bad headache, but I was watching out the car window and saw a bird flying along a line of bushes.  The bird didn’t look big, but it was definitely bigger than the little group of blackbirds that looked like they were chasing it.  The big bird landed in this bush, and the blackbirds formed a swarm and started dive bombing this bird in the bush.  As we drove by I watched them, and at first I thought the big bird was an owl, but as we got closer it appeared to be a hawk, and the whole time the blackbirds were still diving on it.  We drove a little further down the road and another hawk was perched on top of a high fence.  I thought the whole thing was kind of weird, and I wonder if the hawk snagged one of the birds.  Do hawks eat smaller birds?  I always figured they went more after mice or smaller mammals, but I guess they’d probably eat small birds, right?


Man, it was so nice outside today.  I came home on my lunch and it took quite a bit for me to go back.

The sad part about it is it was warmer outside today than it’s been in my house all winter.

I’m thinking about getting a bird feeder to put outside so my cats have something to watch.  The birds are going crazy outside right now and my cats are loving it.