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A new beginning

Since last we spoke, I have started anew.

I’ve had facial hair of some sort for the past 10 years at least, and if I’ve gone clean shaven, I’ve immediately grown it back.  This is no exception.

Yes, I’ve shaved my beard.

If you know me or you’ve read of my beard exploits in the past, you may be asking “why did you do this?”   The answer… The Whiskerino, and part of the rules were that you go clean shaven on November 1st.  I accommodated this request in order to take part in the festivities.

If you’d like to follow my new beard growth, you can check me out here.

Funny story, I was in Grand Rapids on the day of the sign ups.  I told a lot of my friends about it because I think seeing all my friends growing these beards would be pretty fun.  The sign ups started at noon and I was babysitting my niece and nephews waiting for my sister in law to come home.  Katie and I left their house at 1pm and as soon as I got home, I shaved off my beard and took pictures to prove that I was clean shaven.  I went downstairs to sign up and I got a message that the registration process was over.  Needless to say I wasn’t happy.  I hadn’t shaved for years and now I looked like a big turd and couldn’t even take part in the fun.

Thankfully I was able to email the organizer and he sent me an invitation for the site, and the rest is what they call history.