like a rock in a roll

i was thinking of some cool rhymes, and since this is really the only recorded thing i have, i’ll share.
don’t make me beat yo ass, it’ll be quite a stroll
i’ll buss yo teeth out like a rock in a roll
i’m ridin this bike like et ova ya head
i’ll wear this t-shirt, it’s right said fred
until the day that i’ll be dead.

the right said fred shirt reminds me of the time my friends chris and jennie, and I went to indiana to buy powerball lottery tickets and we were in line at this gas station in godknowswhere and this big scraggly guy walked in wearing a formerly white shirt with “I’m too sexy for this shirt” on it… the machines broke down before we could get our ticket and win our hundreds of millions.


people don’t feel they don’t know me, but i know them. or at least i think i know them.

isn’t it kind of.. maybe funny, how you think you know someone, or that you mean or meant a lot to them, but they don’t ever think of you in nearly the same capacity that you think of them? nobody ever looks to me for stability or advice. i’m not that bad of a guy. i mean most of the people in the world i could give a fuck about, but my friends, even the ones that have done some underhanded shit or shady dealings with me, are always forgiven. people out there, my friends, you know who you are, i don’t want to sound like i’m campaigning, but i’ve known most of you for a lot of years, and we’ve had some good times, a few rough times, but before i break down here on this earth, i want all of you to know, i’m always here for you, I might not have much to live for in this life, and right now i am sounding sad as hell, but you are what i live for. enough of that, back to the journal.

work went by pretty fast. yesterday i went to ohio with my hombre chris k. he will now and forever be known as K now. If you see K, i’m not talking about drugs, i’m talking about chris K. anyhow, we went to ohio for smoke. he always buys a lot, i’m talking cartons, and i buy a pack or two, hey they’re cheaper, what the hell. he lets me pinch off his smoke and for that I am grateful. earlier, sue and i went to novi to pick up her check. I had fun, sue and i had a talk, and sorry to tell you ladies, i am now officially off the market. sue and i are now a couple, and i cannot be happier about that.

i guess now is where i sign off, but once again, a summary, I am here for you friends of mine, and you know how to get a hold of me, so if you ever need anything, let me know.


wow, i’m up and actually awake rather early. i went to bed early too. i’m regretting telling my boss i’d come in early today. as i predicted earlier, my dad threw his fit. I’m gonna try to get a job with psychic friends, cause i’m so good.
after reading Jennie‘s entry a few days ago, i want to make people think. i make myself think constantly, but see, i think of super weird shit. I don’t know if it would be hard to make other people think, and i usually think of technical stuff, like how shit works and stuff like that. maybe if i think of anything clever or profound, and i can remember it long enough, i’ll share it.

the party is over

well my parents are coming back today. damnit. This is the reason i need to get another job or at least one with more money and more hours, so i can move out of here. Not that i don’t like it, i just don’t like having to deal with stupid bullshit everday. I can predict what’s going to happen today when they get back. My mom is gonna tell me what they did and bore me, because frankly, i don’t care. My dad is just gonna be an asshole and throw one of his little temper-tantrum hissy fits like he’s 5 years old, because there will be something that he won’t like. whether it be that the house wasn’t vaccuumed, even though i already did it. He’d probably even throw a fit because there is water in the fucking dish tub thing. wah
on a brighter note, today is my day off, and i’m gonna straight up slack all day. i do have to get one thing done, but that should take about 15 minutes. I can also get a haircut. hooray


i went to cedar point today. i survived even though i only got 5 hours of sleep. sue survived on 2 1/2. we rode everything we really wanted to. raptor, magnum, gemini, mantis, oh, and the millenium force.. all the big names. there was some girl that was spazzing out, but i think it was supposed to be dancing in line. She was a younger girl, maybe like 10-13 and i think she was a little… special. some other kid with her, i assume a girl, had a tail. i think we only counted 5-7 mullets, but they were of great mulletude. also saw a father and son mullet combo, you don’t see those everday. Only saw 2 wrestling shirts, which was odd, but i didn’t see any NWO shirts, which usually means there’s a party going on somewhere in the park. oh, and don’t let me forget, we rode “the boat” or as you laymen out there may know it as “the pirate ship” or “ocean motion” very spectacular, the rest of the day was ruined as none of the coasters could live up to the excitement of the boat.
visit the boat next time, it can take you across the seas of your imagination.


well, my party was supposed to be a all nighter, but it is now over. I had a few beers, not very much though. everyone is now gone making a run to the border.
set up some dj shit, but not serious spinning went on tonight, kinda disappointed about that, but i haven’t had time to practice much lately.
tomorrow i have to get up at 8am cause sue and i are going to cedar point, if all goes as planned. i should get some sleep now. zzzz


i hate it when i email or try to get in to contact with someone a million times and they ignore you, or just don’t have the common courtesy to at least tell you that they’re too busy to reply to you.
I also hate it when certain people don’t ever talk to you unless they need something from you.
A guy i know, John, is just like the whole afforementioned statement. I won’t hear from him for months, or whenever it’s convienent for him, and then out of the blue, he’ll ask me if i have something that he wants/needs. jerk

another thing

why does my cable modem go out constantly?
why do people like regular potato chips? they scrape the holy hell out of your mouth.
why do i eat said chips in my bed? why can’t i just go in someone elses bed and eat said chips?
why do i get crumbs in my bed? nobody else is gonna be sleeping in any of these other beds in the house for a while, so i should just eat chips in their beds and get crumbs all over the damned place right?
damn chips, none of this would have happened (all this strenuous thinking) if it weren’t for those damned chips that are rougher than sandpaper. who eats regular chips anyhow? bums.. bums, that’s who, dirty, drunken, rotten, toothless bums i tell you!
while i was writing this.. the cable modem went out… again

good dog

Woo, another day finished at work! thank fuckin god for that. i thought i was gonna get fired at work for a second, wow. I guess since i called off yesterday, some miscommunication went on and to make a long story short, i didn’t have any sick days cause i’m still in my probationary period. i talked it out with my boss, so it’s all cool now. she said “we can’t afford to lose you” wow, that’s cool.
Tomorrow is my partay.. i think i’m gonna go see a movie, cash my shittie check, and go see a movie, probably hollow man, with my buddy jason. he owes me a movie, so he’s gonna pay, so i get to keep my measly money and buy something like a candy bar or something.
I’m glad that i got home so late and my dog didn’t crap all over the house, that would have been the pits. what a good dog.


we-he-hell another exciting day. At least i woke up, even if it was a lot later than i wanted to. sue came over today, i’m happy, but i’d be happier if she was still here.
let’s hope work goes ok today, as long as i go in and they don’t tell me that i should go home for the rest of my life, i’ll be fine. I need to get some grub before i get going, but i have hours before i have to even get ready.
I think the worst part about working afternoons and not having another job during the day or not going to school is the waiting part. Especially if you’re like me, who goes to bed early in the morning and wakes up around noon and doesn’t work until 6. basically i sit around until 6 and watch tv and get something to eat sometime during the day. once in a blue moon i go out during the day, but not very often..
my parents come back tuesday… next year would be too soon.
this bash saturday better be a fucking bash.
and at least one person better stay over too

mental groundbreaking

well, the groundbreaking of my journal, as it was (or is). Maybe it will be fictional, somewhat truthful, anything really. take it for what it is.
I’ll start off with my days events.. i woke up, very exciting. i decided last night that i was gonna call off sick today. I get it so worked up and involved in my head that i’m gonna call off, and i think it must make me sick. i decided to call off while no one was there, so i just left a message. hopefully they got it. i keep thinking subconsciously that i’m gonna be fired cause i have no sick days left, but i know i really have 5 to my disposal.
why worry about being sick before you take your days? i’ll just go in sick someday, and infect everyone else with my jungle-sicknesses. hopefully i don’t get fired, but the good thing is that my parents are out of town, so they won’t know until they get back if i am actually canned, and maybe i can get a job before they come back.
oh well. anyhow, i basically sat around all day. big surprise there. I work shitty afternoons and i start at 6 and work until my department gets finished at night, which can be around midnight, or as late as 4am. tomorrow is a Friday, and it will be a good old 4am day, I’m sure of it. Maybe i should have called off tomorrow, but that would have been really suspicious.
Saturday is party time at my house, while i’m thinking of it, i’ve never had a party at my house before. at least not with more than 3 or 4 people at once. i hope nothing gets broken. maybe i’m just paranoid, whatever. I’ll more than likely be hooking up the shitty mini system and the old decks for some extremely mediocre spinning, which i’m sure no one will enjoy. All i can say about my dj’ing ability is that i can mix anything so i guess that’s a good thing. we won’t talk about my beatmatching though.
anyhow, this is my first entry. most probably won’t be very long, not half as long as this at least. let’s just hope i keep it updated or something. eh, it’s late and i want to get at least 5 hours of sleep. sleep is good, drugs are bad. maybe the equipment will get set up and some music will come out of this “parents out of town experience.” oh well

i pass along life undetected