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mental groundbreaking

well, the groundbreaking of my journal, as it was (or is). Maybe it will be fictional, somewhat truthful, anything really. take it for what it is.
I’ll start off with my days events.. i woke up, very exciting. i decided last night that i was gonna call off sick today. I get it so worked up and involved in my head that i’m gonna call off, and i think it must make me sick. i decided to call off while no one was there, so i just left a message. hopefully they got it. i keep thinking subconsciously that i’m gonna be fired cause i have no sick days left, but i know i really have 5 to my disposal.
why worry about being sick before you take your days? i’ll just go in sick someday, and infect everyone else with my jungle-sicknesses. hopefully i don’t get fired, but the good thing is that my parents are out of town, so they won’t know until they get back if i am actually canned, and maybe i can get a job before they come back.
oh well. anyhow, i basically sat around all day. big surprise there. I work shitty afternoons and i start at 6 and work until my department gets finished at night, which can be around midnight, or as late as 4am. tomorrow is a Friday, and it will be a good old 4am day, I’m sure of it. Maybe i should have called off tomorrow, but that would have been really suspicious.
Saturday is party time at my house, while i’m thinking of it, i’ve never had a party at my house before. at least not with more than 3 or 4 people at once. i hope nothing gets broken. maybe i’m just paranoid, whatever. I’ll more than likely be hooking up the shitty mini system and the old decks for some extremely mediocre spinning, which i’m sure no one will enjoy. All i can say about my dj’ing ability is that i can mix anything so i guess that’s a good thing. we won’t talk about my beatmatching though.
anyhow, this is my first entry. most probably won’t be very long, not half as long as this at least. let’s just hope i keep it updated or something. eh, it’s late and i want to get at least 5 hours of sleep. sleep is good, drugs are bad. maybe the equipment will get set up and some music will come out of this “parents out of town experience.” oh well