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Weekend review- boring edition

Yeah, so I had a long weekend. I took Friday off and went to the baseball game downtown and watched the Tigers lose. I had a few drinks before the game with Dave at the detroiter, then we walked down to Comerica to watch the game. I parked in the Greektown casino parking structure off of Lafayette because it was free. Because we were right off the expressway it didn’t take to long to get out of the congestion and got home pretty quick. Because Katie’s been working late as hell, I ate pizza and sat around by myself and watched some of season 10 of Top Gear.

Saturday I washed some of mountain of laundry that I’ve been putting off for a while. I was running out of clothes, so it was almost necessary that I get some of that shit out of the way. I got a couple of loads done, and had to get ready to go meet Katie’s family for her sister’s birthday dinner.

After dinner we went back to their house and had cake and what not. Just my luck it was ice cream cake and surprisingly I didn’t shit my guts out after eating it. I’ve been getting over my ice cream issues lately, but usually it’s just a trigger for me to have to take a massive dump. Whenever I feel bound up, I’ll just eat ice cream. Afterwards, I went over Jason’s, where they were celebrating Christine’s birthday the previous day with another ice cream cake. I regretfully declined their offers for cake, because I felt I might be tempting the fates a little if I took another shot at my arch nemesis – ice cream. Jason and I played super smash for a few hours afterwards, honing our craft at the new game.

Yesterday I did pretty much what I did on Saturday. More laundry was in need of being washed. I, like most other people, don’t mind putting the clothes in the wash, or in the dryer, but hate the folding with a passion. If I could build a robot that would fold clothes properly or hang them up, I would devote my life to it. I played a little Rockband, trying to get a little further on medium with the drums. I find that I’m always hitting the 90% range with the drums on medium and wonder if I’ll be able to tackle hard mode yet. Sunday night I went out with Bill to another ballgame, and had a few more beers at the detroiter. I’ve been to the detroiter now 3 times this week, and getting decreasingly less intoxicated. The Tigers lost again, and we ended up leaving pretty early to go back to the bar for a beer.

I also got FL Studio 8 – producer edition, which I’m excited to try out. I’m hoping the producer edition has a bit more features that help me do some things that I’ve always been confused with in earlier editions. Other than that, I’m just listening to mogwai, watching the time pass and waiting anxiously for GTA IV, which I saw the first commercial for on Saturday night, and it blew my fucking mind.

Oh yeah, and I reviewed a few movies, including They Live, Ilsa – she wolf of the SS, and Shogun Assassin.  Great movies.

weekend update – opening day edition

an update

for a weekend

in review

Friday was spent at raz’s house playing rockband and watching “The Class of Nuke’em High”, which was epic. I’m not a huge Troma film aficionado, but I usually enjoy the ones I’ve seen. I can’t think of one that I’ve seen that I haven’t liked, but I don’t really go out of my way to find them. Anyhow, we got that review out the door, so mission for Friday was accomplished. Tim had invited us over to his house but we got done too late to go over there.

Saturday, I spent a lot of the day playing the drums on rockband, and modifying my drums to make them a bit quieter. I found how to do it on a website that I can’t get to from work, so I can’t leave a link, but I’ll outline briefly what I did in case anyone else gives a flying shit.

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Easter Weekend Review

Ahh, another weekend gone by, more planned activities canceled by laziness and procrastination. We’ll start our tale of sloth with Friday.

Friday, I left work early because my boss was out, and I didn’t really have much motivation to stay. I took off about 2:30 and went home and got prepared to go over Raz’s house. Ultimately that was not to be, because while I had my blinds closed looking at movies to review, it was snowing outside. When I did look out the window around 5:30pm, it was already an inch or two deep. I read that it would snow all night, and I didn’t want to get stuck at Raz’s house, or get stuck in my driveway when I eventually did get home, so I stayed home. We still wanted to get our movie watching in, so I tried to stream him a movie over VLC. That didn’t work out to well, so now I’m trying to figure out how to set it up in the future.

I’m thinking of using my slingbox, because that is decent quality and really reliable. The only problem is the slingbox doesn’t have a passthrough, so I’d have to split my input signal (computer, xbmc, etc) to my TV and the slingbox so I could watch what’s broadcast. Component splitters are pretty expensive too… so I’m going to try faking my computer into thinking a stream is a webcam, and using yahoo messenger or skype to see if that works.

Anyhow we did end up watching a movie called Endgame, which has some elements of Running Man, but overall was pretty worthless. Our review is up, and we’re also set up for our time lapsed reviews for the week.

Saturday, I watched Deathstalker II, and sat around most of the day while Katie was at work. I also decided not to use my super bad ass snowblower/thrower, and just decided to shovel because most of the snow had melted, and I needed the exercise. Someone was nice enough to clear my sidewalk on both sides of my house, and I only broke my back on the driveway. When Katie got home, we went to buy cat food, and tried a Chinese restaurant that was down the road from our house that we hadn’t tried before. I thought it was pretty decent… Then afterwards, I appeased my wife by watching 27 Dresses, ugh.

Sunday was Easter, and again, I appeased my wife by going to church with her family. We ate brunch over there, and everyone fell asleep except my mother in law, my nephew and myself. That was pretty boring. After that, we went home, got some stuff together, and headed over my parent’s house for dinner.

While we were there, my dad asked me if the sunglasses he bought were women’s sunglasses. I wish I could take a picture of them, but I wanted to do it covert, and didn’t get the chance. They were brown wrap around sunglasses, with HUGE STARS on each side where the arm connects to the frame. I couldn’t help but laugh as he showed me the glasses. How could he not know they were women’s glasses? Whatever, they were hilarious.

After dinner my sister let me drive her Prius, which was cool. Shortly thereafter, we left, came home and basically went to bed.

The end.

One week till opening day!

Oh, and I got a Joe Ledbetter Dunny on Thursday!