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I lost my foot.

You know it’s a good day when you come into work at 9am, and you don’t actually get to work until 1pm.

When I came in today, there wasn’t a place for me to sit and set up my machine.  When I did get to the office I’ll be using, there was nothing here.  Yeah, there was a desk and a phone and stuff, and I had my own computer, but there was no monitor, no keyboard, no mouse, there wasn’t even a network cable.  Anyhow, it’s 2pm now, and I’m about to go to lunch now…

And… I find out I broke one of the feet on my keyboard, so it’s all wobbly.  Real productive today.

Make ya’ bow down to the row.

Ok, so I’m not at my own desk still, I’m in someone’s office that is out for some kind of medical leave and they return Monday. My boss told me today that while they don’t have anything for me immediately, he told me that they have come up with a solution for my seating blues. He said he’d tell me tomorrow of this grand plan. I just hope it doesn’t have anything to do with me sitting in my computer chair at home without a job. I wouldn’t mind working from home however.

I had to mention, there’s a bookshelf across from the desk I’m at with a few cards and pictures and stuff for the person who normally sits here. I keep looking at this picture of these three kids, two of them look like twins that are probably around 7 or 8, and an older kid that looks to be about 12. The older kid in the middle is the one that really grabs my attention, because she’s wearing all black, and from a distance looks like Dr. Dre. It reminds me of some old Death Row publicity picture.


If I keep eating all this fiber shit, I’m going to shit fiber.

Today is the first day in this temporary office that I’ve come in and just closed the door behind me. Usually I leave it open. I’m actually pretty amazed so far at how many people walk by and have to look into the little window to either see who’s in here (Hey guys, it’s me!) or to see if anyone’s in here at all. I relish the fact that I have a door.

I have a dilema. I don’t want to sit through today’s 2 hour meeting, so I’m thinking of leaving early today. Thing is, I’m already leaving early tomorrow. I’m wondering if I should just stick it out through the meeting today, and then take the whole day off tomorrow and do what I have to do tomorrow morning tonight instead.

I’m listening to My Morning Jacket’s “Evil Urges” album with the door closed. Its a lot different when you listen to something in relative quiet instead of the usual pandemonium that I sat in before. I like it, it is nice.

The bottomless bucket is a portal to the vast sea

God, this weather is some bullshit. It’s going to get to 90 degrees today and I’m sure it’s going to be 100% humidity, my favorite! Days like today you can see where your body has cut a path through the air.

I had a dream last night that I was feeding fish to a seal. It was a white seal, about the size of a large cat, and I had to grab these slimy chilled fish out of a bucket, and after a while the seal really didn’t care much about the fish. The seal walked away and I kept trying to grab this one particular fish that kept slipping out of my grasp and falling back in the bucket. The ice in the bucket started melting and the fish started thawing out. I was looking into the bucket and as the fish started to reanimate, the bucket was bottomless and all types of fish were swimming around, from the kinds that were being fed to the seal, to black fish with giant flowing fins. One of the fish floated to the top like it was gasping it’s dying breath and as it rose the surface it got bigger and bigger and bigger until all I could see was it’s giant eye engulfing me, and then I woke up. I had to pee.

Anyhow, besides that, yesterday I went to the doctor’s office for a routine checkup, and they drew blood. I hate getting blood drawn, it always makes me feel sick. I’ve only had it done about 4 times in my life, and 3 of the times have been with this doctor. Last time I had blood drawn I started getting clammy and broke out in a cold sweat before they actually put the needle in. Yesterday, I was ok, I didn’t look at the needle, I didn’t look at the blood… I was ok until about 3 seconds after the needle got put in and I started feeling light headed. They had to call all these people in to help me lie down so I didn’t fall off of the table, and to say I felt shitty would be an understatement. I was as white as a sheet, and the only way I can describe the way I felt would be to say, it was as if I hadn’t drank water for a week and I was tasked with physically exerting myself. I felt exhausted, and it was horrible. After I got a drink of some OJ though, I was back to reality within seconds.

After work I had an eye appointment and got fitted with some daily use contacts. I wore them out of the office and around for a few hours to get used to them. It’s weird looking at myself without glasses, since I wear them everyday, and I’ve worn them consistantly since my last pair of contacts which was over 10 years ago. My vision is bad enough that I can’t see myself in the mirror unless I get super close, so being able to see myself without glasses on from far away was odd. Glasses are kind of my trademark at this point. I figure I’ll only wear them on days that I know I want to wear sunglasses or something. If I were to get 30 sets of daily wear contacts it would probably easily last me 6 months, if not a year. I thought it was weird that I got the same perscription contacts for both eyes, because in the past I’ve worn different perscriptions on each eye. Now I can’t mix them up.

It seems like this week has gone by pretty quick, especially considering I’ve been busy at work and all. Of course Friday is going to drag because I’m looking forward to the days off, but isn’t that how it always goes?

I can’t think of a title..

I don’t want to go back to work today.  I just want to be lazy and stay home.

I haven’t written about my weekend, so here I go with that first off.

Friday.  Friday.  Friday.  Friday.  Friday, Raz came over and we watched 2019 After the Fall of New York, which I mentioned in a previous post.  It wasn’t as good as I expected.  Overall it was average.  It was a lot like Escape from New York, except they snuck into New York and then they Escaped out of it.  It was also a lot like Children of Men, because they had to rescue the last fertile female in the world, I guess.  It wasn’t really explained if anything existed outside of New York, so I’m guessing that New York was the big deal.  Afterwards, we played some GTA online and were able to kill a Rockstar employee, so we have our Zombie player models now.  I was really looking forward to getting the zombie model, but now it’s not as cool as I hoped it would be.

Saturday, we somewhat celebrated Katie’s birthday because her sister was in town and she wouldn’t be able to join us for her actual birthday.  We ended up cooking on the grill at her parents house and we had cake and all that stuff.  After that, I watched the debacle that was Elite XC on CBS.  That was some bullshit.  I can understand that Kimbo Slice is their big fighter, because he’s a “huge internet sensation” and they want to hype him up, but that whole event was just bullshit.  It was a really sad way to introduce MMA to the mainstream, because they were all shitty controversial stoppages, except for the Gina Corano fight, which was really good.  She’s always really good and entertaining.  Anyhow, it was garbage.

Sunday we did some shit that was totally unmemorable, because I can’t remember a thing about it.  I think I ended up starting the season of Hell’s Kitchen, because I haven’t watched an episode of it yet, and they’re all on my DVR.  I think we pretty much lazed around all day.  I was going to call Jason or something to see what was up, but I didn’t… because there was something we were supposed to do, but I’m totally blanking on it.

Extending this into the week… Monday I moved into my temporary office, which was nice.  It’s quiet and I have a lot more privacy and an actual door.  Since the new manager started he’s kept me pretty busy.  I don’t report to him, but he’s having me do a lot of work to get him acquainted with the office and the procedures.  Even though he’s from our East office, they still do things a lot differently there.  It’s a big change for him I’m sure.

Tuesday was Katie’s birthday, and she was happy with the custom Hello Kitty dunny that I had Jenn do for her.  We’re actually gonna try to do some of our own now that I’m a little more familiar with the process.  I took the day off and she wanted to go out to the casinos.  First we went to the MGM Grand and she won about $100, then we decided to leave while we were ahead and went to the Motor City Casino where I won $20.  I’m glad we went to the MGM first, because that was so much nicer than Motor City.  Everything was nicer, from the Parking Garage, to the setup, to the tables and machines themselves.  Motor City had this blue and orange flame carpet, and all the machines and tables were nasty looking.  A lot of the machines were really old, and they just didn’t seem to be updated very well.  Near one of the bathrooms I smelled something like gasoline, and as I walked closer to the bathroom it turned into a urinal cake smell.  Yum!  I almost went stir crazy trying to leave the parking structure, because all the signs were conflicting, telling you to turn left to get to the exit, then the signs would disappear, and then when I turned around it told me to turn right where I had already turned left previously, it was stupid.

Anyhow, after dinner last night and cake again, now it’s today, and I have to get back to work.

Oh, and I picked up American Elf by James Kochalka.  Even though the forward is by Moby, it might prove to be a decent book.

somewhere else to be.

well, this is the last day that I spend at this desk at work.

I’m getting pushed out of my cube into an office for a week or two, then back into a cube with a few other people after that. I’m stuck here for another 45 minutes before it’s quittin time for the week, and I’m bored out of my skull.

This cube is dusty.