Elite XC

I was going to write this whole thing up about how Kimbo Slice is basically a manufactured champion/cash cow for Elite XC who gets put up against a bunch of has beens so he can knock them out, knowing that they’ll never take him to the ground and expose his total lack of a ground game.  I was also going to say that it must suck for them now, because he lost on Saturday night, which probably really pissed off Gary Shaw (Elite XC President) because now the charade is over and people know that Kimbo is a flash in the pan and ratings will probably drop and CBS will eventually cancel the show.

I was gonna say all that and put a bunch of research about it and note ratings before and after the signing of Kimbo Slice and say how it’s all a set up, but a) I’m lazy, and b) nobody really cares so I decided not to put any real effort into it, and instead just gave my opinion.

If this interests you at all, lets talk about it in the comments.

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