Thanks for opportunity at an interview!

So, I have to know something. Has it become popular to say “Oh, I haven’t seen *insert popular movie here*”? Especially when the movie has been hammered into popular culture and has had 2 sequels.

A guy at work must be here for an interview and he was sitting across the wall wearing his slacks, dress shirt and a black tie with green numbers, letters and symbols that appear to be dripping down his tie. A Matrix tie… Someone asked him “Is that a Matrix tie?”. He responds with “Oh, is it? I haven’t seen that movie, I just saw the tie and put it on. I hate wearing ties.”

Maybe you haven’t seen the movie, that’s possible. I’m sure that out of the 6 billion people on this planet, there are a few that haven’t seen The Matrix. Add the difficulty factor of being in your mid to late 20’s and being male. Most males in that age range have the proclivity of watching action films, so I find it hard to believe that this guy hadn’t seen The Matrix.

Let’s suspend belief for a moment and say this guy hasn’t seen the movie. This brings me to my second question… Why would you wear a themed tie to an interview? Do you rummage through your trailer before going to your interview and find a theme tie sitting under a pile of garbage and decide to put that on? Would you wear a looney tunes tie to an interview? I wouldn’t, no one would take me seriously. I would probably be literally laughed out of an interview. I think it would be a better idea to wrap a black garbage bag around your neck than to wear something like that to an interview. Go tear some of the copper wire and tubing out of your trailer and trade it in for a few buck so you can go to Dollar General and buy a semi-respectable tie. FUCK.

I’ve decided that for my next interview, I’m going to wear a Dragon Ball Z button up shirt with Goku transforming into “Super Saiyan” mode, paired with an American Flag tie, held all together with some Cincinnati Bengals Zubaz brand Zubaz pants and Pink Crocs.

Hey, I want to look my best on my interview.

Why not?
Why not?

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