An overdue update.

I haven’t forgotten to write, I’ve just been a little busy. I’ll recap my weekend.

Thursday night, I went out to the bar with Chris and a few other people I used to work with. It was fun, beer was cheap, and thankfully I had the next day off of work because we closed the bar that night. I was especially happy I had the day off the next morning, because I think I probably would have had a hard time making it in at a reasonable hour.

Friday night, Katie was out helping her sister with the babies, so I went with Raz over to Dave’s house and we had a little 3 person GTA fest. We ended up playing some races with another group of people for a few hours, and one of the guys had this easily mimic’d voice, so We had fun with that for the rest of the night. I ended up driving Raz home and then I had to drive back home, so I was on the road for about an hour before I could crash into my bed.

Saturday night I met up with Dave at Tim’s house and we were supposed to watch a movie, but we ended up playing Soul Caliber 4 and Mario Kart and drinking beers. Another late night.

Sunday I went out to the cottage and did my favorite thing in the entire world… WATCHED GOLF ON TV! YAY! Other than that, chilled outside and took a ride on the neighbor’s boat for a little bit, which actually ended up being fun. I got some crazy bite on my arm that is red as hell right now, and I’d love to scratch the shit out of it, but it hurts when I do, so I’ll have to just leave it alone.

Monday after work, I had my first appointment at the gym with my trainer. He kicked my ass. I got a little dizzy for a minute because I didn’t eat what I was supposed to before the session. The guy seems pretty down to business, which was difficult, because I like to joke around a little bit, and he wasn’t having it. Maybe next week it’ll be a little better. He gave me a bunch of homework to do for next week, so hopefully I’ll be a little better prepared. I wasn’t as sore as I was last week after my freelance workout. I couldn’t really move my arms much last wednesday and had to actually leave work. I thought by going home and crying in bed it might make my arms feel a little less useless. I was sadly mistaken. After about 2 hours with the heating pad on my arms helped loosen them up.

Tuesday, after my workout, this time I was a little sore, but nothing major. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the gym, but I made sure to get up bright and early today and went before work. I sweat my bag off, but I felt good after I was done. I plan on going in tomorrow before work too. It’s a nice wakeup.

I don’t feel any type of “high” after I workout, but when I miss a day, I feel guilty about it. Maybe that guilt is enough to keep me motivated.

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