A week of firsts

First things first, I wanted to mention that my wife Katie and I welcomed our first child on June 7th. When we went in we had no idea if it would be a boy or a girl. We were both pleasantly surprised when we found out it was a 6 pound, 15 ounce baby girl which we named Milanka Elizabeth, or Mila for short

A week has gone by since then and its been one milestone after another for both Mila and Us.  For Katie and I, our first child.  For me, the first time I’ve ever changed a diaper, held a child for more than a few minutes, rocked one to sleep, and basically stepped up to be a dad.  In the last few days, Mila’s had her first bath, first smile, first doctor’s appointment, first trip outside of the house (not including the hospital), first photo session, first shopping trip and I’m sure quite a few other firsts.

So far, I’m really surprised with myself, mostly, on how calm I’ve been.  I always knew Katie would make a great mom.  She’s had a lot of experience taking care of her niece and nephews.  Me, I’ve had no experience whatsoever.  It’s a real adventure, and I’m enjoying it.  I can imagine in the future being so proud and so emotional at each little milestone, knowing that I’ve put so much time in this little person’s life and that all that time invested made for a good, contributing human being.

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