So, here it is, the night before the birth of my child. I spent the day brewing beer, and after I got that all put away and cleaned up I sat in my office for a bit. I didn’t do anything, I just sat there. I sat there and thought, “this is the quietest it’s going to be in this house for a while.” My life is never going to be the same. It’s hard to sit somewhere and know that in a few short hours, your life is going to change forever.

I’ve felt like I was ready for this, and 9 months ago I thought that this day was so far away. 9 months have gone by in a flash, and I can only imagine that the next few years will fly by too.

So many thoughts are going through my head. Excitement, anxiety, nervousness, anticipation…

I don’t know if I’m ready, but time waits for no man, and I’m definitely no exception.

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