To the Cocteau Twins fans out there, a question.

Which is better?

The original:


The acoustic version:
[audio: (Acoustic Version).mp3]

And here’s a bonus, just because it’s a really beautiful song.
[audio: Heart (Acoustic Version).mp3]

One thought on “To the Cocteau Twins fans out there, a question.”

  1. i would have to say the original is best because i think the real genius of the cocteau twins is what seems like the infinite amount of layers of sound, vocal tracks, guitar tracks, tape loops and what would be complete over-production if any other band attempted it. her voice is so fucking incredible though. i had heard the acoustic version before and was fond of it, because i’ve always really loved that song. that was actually the first cocteau twins album i ever bought. faye wong, who was in chungking express, covered that song as well and it’s definitely worth checking out. i think it’s a really great version of it, even if it’s just an imitation.

    a few years ago, i thought “heaven or las vegas” was their real masterpiece, but now i would say it’s “treasure.”

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