nothing clever is entering my mind.

Today was the Detroit Tigers home opener.  I went down there with Frank, and we got to the bar around 10:30 after traffic and all that mess.  We met Dave and had a few drinks once we were able to secure a table, and I drank Labatt’s instead of my old standby of PBR, mainly because I don’t think they had PBR 🙁

The game was good, the Tigers won 14 – 2 over the Rangers.  After I had to take Frank home, and after I dropped him off, I’ve been lazying around the house.  My head feels like it’s on the wrong body today, and I’m dizzy for some reason and my voice is hoarse (and I wasn’t yelling at the game).  I had some leftover pizza and I’ve been all gassy and gross.  I’ve been trying to beat some of my nemesis’ bejeweled blitz scores in the meantime with House playing in the background…

And then there’s this…


2 thoughts on “nothing clever is entering my mind.”

  1. very cool video. the music kind of got on my nerves, so i turned the sound off and just watched it. the editing reminds me of squarepusher videos, except taken to the next level. reminiscent of louise lecavalier, who i really admire. she is a mind blowing dancer:

    la la la human steps are truly the epitome of modern dance.

  2. That’s pretty intense. The first video is brutal, it almost looks like the dancers are doing some frenetic martial arts routine.

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