Maybe I’ll just lay here and sleep for a bit.

So, I was watching the Today show this morning when I was getting ready for work.  I usually listen to the radio or engrave images of spirits on rare parchments before work, but today I happened to be watching Today.

They had a this story about “the sleep diet” which I was very intrigued about since if I could lose weight by sleeping, I’m wasting my time getting up early.  Anyhow, some place did some study where they took a group of about 10 women and had them get at least 7.5 hours of sleep so they could see if it had some effect on weight.  They told these women not to change their eating habits or their activity levels so they could see if sleep was the sole reason behind this change.  So, on the show they had someone official that held the study, 3 women from the study, and DR. NANCY SNEIDERMAN M.D.  talking about this study.

They first talked to a woman who lost 15 pounds during this study by only  sleeping at least 7.5 hours a night.  Oh, and she also changed  her eating habits and started working out more.  Ok… if you recall, they weren’t supposed to change eating habits or activity, but this lady did.  “I felt more refreshed and I felt the need to do more excersize!”  Then DR. NANCY SNEIDERMAN M.D. came on and talked about how yeah, when you get more sleep, you feel more refreshed and you have more energy to do stuff.  Then the talked to these other women who had more energy and weren’t eating all the junk they had been eating before hand.  DR. NANCY SNEIDERMAN M.D. came on and said “Yeah well when you’re tired and stressed out, your body craves more carbs”.

Well fucking duh.  So it sounds like DR. NANCY SNEIDERMAN has all the answers… why did they even do the study?  They could have just asked DR. NANCY SNEIDERMAN all about it!  She’s either obviously a sleep expert, or someone there to provide soundbytes about how great “the sleep diet” is.  Science be damned, just do exactly the opposite of what we tell you to do and when you lose more weight than we thought you would, we’ll credit a fake diet!  I’m getting way to fired up about this for no reason, but that’s just fucking stupid, sorry.  I could see if you got more sleep and you had more energy and you wanted to lift a house off of it’s foundation with your own two hands, but this study was explained that it was bassed on whether or not you’d lose weight if you got more sleep, not if it would make you change your other habits.  That part is common sense, really.

In other news, they changed the timing of the traffic lights on the way to work, and this bothers me.  I had it all timed perfectly so that I would only get stopped by one red light, maaaaaybe two.  Now I get stopped by every single friggin light.

Also, my coworker is trying to convince me that someone is trying to clone the Neaderthal man, and how cruel that is, and what a poor guy that neaderthal man is.  All I could do is smile, laugh nervously and think “please leave me alone, I just want to work.  Don’t kill me, I want to live!”


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