I’m just one person, so this really won’t make a shit of difference

Alright everyone, ok… Calm down, folks.  It’s happened, the day is here, I’m just as happy as everyone else.  Ok, well can we just get back to normal now, and move on?  What?  Really?  Well I didn’t say that.  No.  What? Wait, what?  No!  No, I didn’t say that.  Well if you’d let me talk…

All I’m trying to say is why do we have to beat everything into dust?  I know… Yes.  Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool too, I was excited, but what I’m getting at is can we talk about something else now?  Every channel is talking about this, I can’t even see sports highlights on ESPN without being reminded of it.  I mean jeez, you’d think Anna Nicole Smith, or John Travolta’s kid just died.  I guess if I had to hear about that for a month or two, I’m just going to have to put up with this too, right?  I mean at least this is something that I care about, and might actually effect the world in either a positive or negative way, rather than being something that the flapping meat on TV talks about incessantly for no reason at all other than to worship celebrity.

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