Can I get a minute here?

I work with a guy who considers the first stall in the bathroom as his own personal office.  He’s always in there conducting business, talking on the phone, buying/selling stocks, putting something down on paper.  He usually doesn’t hold back on his flatulations or other bodily sounds, so it’s always an uncomfortable visit whenever he’s there when I walk in and I realize he’s there too.

The other day, I walked into the bathroom and he was walking out and he said, “Hey, about that time off I requested last week… I’m having a procedure done, but if I was ok to come back early, could I cancel some of those days?”  Sure, no problem Neal.  He then proceeds to tell me “Well, I hope I don’t get one of the side effects they tell me I might get… They say one of the side effects is horrible gas.”

Uhh, ok.  So I’m thinking to myself, that’s not something he normally has?  As he’s walking out, he’s chuckling to himself and I told him “Good thing you don’t sit by me.”

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