Coffee and Burritos for Breakfast

I wish this guy would just shut up and go away.  The same guy told me “I only eat one meal a day, when I go home for dinner”, then the next day he goes down to the lunchroom and buys some slop from the shit on a shingle wagon and shovels gruel into his mangled craw for the next 20 minutes, slurping and savoring every single globule that he’s plopping down his cro-magnon gullet.

I once saw him walking through the downtown route I drive to work each morning.  I thought about stopping and asking if he needed a ride, but instead I just crouched down in my car, hoping he wouldn’t recognize me.  When I got in that day, the dude that sits next to me said he had to go leave and pick this guy up.  That was a highlight of the day.

I wanted to mark down this day.  I’m growing my beard back out, and within the last week I had to start brushing it or else it will get too out of control.   I haven’t shaved since November 1st.  The other anecdote about the gullet and such are just gravy.

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