buy some fuckin underwear

halloween was fun, i passed out candy to 28 kids.  I don’t eat candy anymore so we have about 400 pieces of candy in our house that no one is going to eat.

I’ve been playing fallout 3 for the past few days so I’ve been doing that.

I voted today.  I hate having to walk the gauntlet of people trying to give you shit.  MY MIND IS MADE UP, don’t give me any of your bullshit paperwork that I’m going to throw it away or throw it on the ground and get ticketed for littering.

A friend of mine sent me a text message telling me to be sure to vote yes on proposal 1, which would legalize medical marijuana.  Coincidentally, he is the biggest pothead I have ever known.  He would (and probably still does) smoke on his lunch and breaks at work.  I agree that marijuana should be legalized, especially for medical purposes.  When a person is in pain and dying from cancer or some other illness, I think it’s a little heartless to deny someone from something that will make them feel better or help them eat or etc.  I also don’t think that the biggest pothead you know championing a cause helps it’s credibility much.  Maybe that’s just me.

I took last week off (except friday) from the gym.  When I went back, basically nothing kicked my ass and I had to go home early because I felt horrible and actually started walking towards the bright, white light.  I went today and I also was whipped, but I made it a little further.  I went home early and laid in bed and wanted to die.  Today I’m sure I’ll feel worn out all day.

I have a lot of work to do and it’s due by Thurday but it’s totally dumb and worthless.  The guy that wants the information just wants to look it over.  The joys of being an analyst.  The worst part is he really knows nothing about how all this data correlates so he’s really just enjoying seeing me waste my time.  Then when it’s done I’ll have to go and talk to him and explain all of it to him.  How about I just tell you what the problem is and save us all some time.  YOU’RE LOOKING IN THE WRONG PLACE, DOUCHE.

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