drink this.

I went to a wine/beer tasting on Saturday.  I knew there wasn’t going to be much in the beer department, and I was right.  They had these punch cards that you had to wear around your neck and they were supposed to punch a whole each time you had a drink.  I tried the 8 beers out of 80 different drinks and I tried sake for the first time and didn’t get a punch on my card.  After the tasting we all went out to the bar and had a few beers and played shuffleboard.

Sunday we went out to Mayberry park and hiked around on their trails.  I’d like to go back out there in different clothes and check out a few more of their trails.  We tried to go to a cider mill before the trails, but there were people lined up for a while.  We decided it wasn’t worth standing in line for an hour to get glorified juice.  Besides, I had already eaten like crap and that was just going to pile it on.

I realized that I had a hard drive failure on my hands Monday.  My desktop’s primary drive is taking a massive dump and I can boot my OS for about 30 minutes, max before it reboots.  While it’s an easy fix, I just have to wait for the new drive, and I can’t really get to my movies and music and stuff.  I’m waiting to get screenshots of a movie for my site, so that sucks.

So anyhow, I don’t have really anything to write besides that.  No personal feelings to share – since this really isn’t private, and I don’t feel like putting my feelings out there right now, so… yep, that’s it.

Grim Reaper Kidrobot comes out tomorrow, yay.

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